Our New Principle of Government

If the Constitution is too hard for you to understand, don’t bother to try. We aren’t using it anymore.

Instead, we have a new operating principle of government that anyone can understand. And I do mean anyone.

If the president has 51 votes in the Senate, he can do anything he pleases. Anything–as if he were a king. He can do an end run around Congress whenever they won’t pass legislation he wants.

Can’t get the votes for illegal alien amnesty? No problem, just write an executive order. Stroke of the pen, law of the land. Can’t get the votes for legislation forcing people to hire transsexuals? So who needs legislation anymore? Just sign the order.

The 51 votes in the Senate protect the president from having to face any consequences of his actions. If he is impeachment-proof, he can rule as an autocrat. And we no longer have a president, but a czar, a dictator: but we can still call him “president” and celebrate our illusion of “freedom” every 4th of July.

I am pretty sure that wasn’t how our system was supposed to work.

Maybe you don’t care. Maybe this is all too abstract for you.

But you should care. Most of you were born in a country that was more or less free, with a long-established system of checks and balances, and separation of powers, that kept the government from going all Idi Amin on us.

That is what we are losing–and will lose altogether, unless we can find some way to protect it.

May Obama’s term be shortened, and another take his office. Amen.

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  1. Amen. If all of God’s people would observe II chronicles 7:14, and not only observe; but DO it. A minority becomes a huge majority when aligned with the Almighty, El Gibbor.

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