You Gotta See This

One of our loyal readers, Watchman, has done us all a valuable service by directing our attention to a website, .

It’s a pageful of quotes by psychiatrists and psychologists, and maybe a few psychotics in the  bargain, about public education and its goals. You will be amazed and horrified, I promise you. Whether it’s John Dewey complaining about teaching ordinary people to read, which interferes with his desire to eradicate individualism, or some other degreed jidrool getting all hot and bothered over the prospect of actually doing away with free will, these quotes show–beyond even an unreasonable doubt!–the quintessential evil that has motivated the public education enterprise since early in the 19th century.

Don’t take my word for it anymore. Read what education theorists have to say for themselves. Their own words convict them as fools, mountebanks, and villains.


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