Where Has This Year Gone?

Last night I was flabbergasted when my wife mentioned that this coming Monday will be Labor Day.

Say it ain’t so! Great Scott, where did this year go? Wasn’t it Memorial Day just a few weeks ago? Who misplaced our summer?

Well, okay, there’s a simple way of looking at this. When you’re ten years old, one year is 10% of your whole life. When you’re 50, one year is only 2% of your life. There’s no way 2% is going to seem as long as 10 %.

Then again, a year under the Obama administration feels like ten years.

I’d still like to know what happened to our summer. And we didn’t have much of a spring, either. Is this just a New Jersey thing, or have people in other states been wondering where their summer disappeared to, too? And how about Canada? Our media tells us the Great White North is turning into pina colada country, courtesy of Global Warming, er, I mean Climate Change. Any truth to that?

I’d better get outside and have some fun before it starts to snow again.


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  1. Hi

    Just to answer your question about Canada turning into Pina Colada country. No truth to that at all. I live in Toronto, and we’ve just had the most brutally cold winter in my years (I’m 35). Also, we haven’t hit 30 degress Celsius this summer until today (32 C, 89.6 F). The most mild summer I can remember, or at least since ’91 or so.

    God bless!

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