Another Really Stupid Argument for ‘Climate Change’

With much of the world enjoying its coolest summer since they started keeping records in the 1880s, some doofus has announced his plans to live on a floating iceberg until it melts, thus proving that “Climate Change,” formerly known as “Global Warming,” is a real big threat requiring massive government action, blah-blah ( ).

He’s going to go up to the Arctic in Spring of 2015 and set up camp on a suitable iceberg. And when it melts out from under him, that’ll prove there’s Global Warming, er, Climate Change!

If icebergs are going to melt, don’t they always melt in spring and summer?

Says the jidrool, “We’ll also play the symbolic card: the adventure of a man floating adrift on an iceberg will come to represent the condition of the whole of humankind going adrift on an endangered planet.” Oh, please. How much more of this can we stand?

Let’s say, just for the halibut, that there really is massive, global Climate Change. What makes you think government action can put a stop to it? Like, if we pay higher taxes and create new bureaucracies and hire more government employees who retire at 50 with fantastic pensions, and let them interfere in our lives to their hearts’ content… if we do all that, does that mean there won’t be droughts and earthquakes and floods, etc.?

Important Note: I’ve been receiving vague, anonymous threats from some homofascist bunch in Baton Rouge, whose messages I have not seen fit to publish. First they said I’d be sorry for writing about opposition to the so-called “Fairness Law” that wound up getting voted down by the Baton Rouge city council. They threatened me again the other day, something about “we’re going to throw you to the trolls,” because they didn’t like my take on separation of church and state.

It will be interesting to see how many opinions these wicked persons would like to silence.

I suppose, when you have really crummy arguments that just can’t prevail in any reasonable discussion, the only thing left is to resort to threats. Or you can go sit on an iceberg till it melts.


6 comments on “Another Really Stupid Argument for ‘Climate Change’

  1. So, then, YHWH creates (and melts) the icebergs? Take that, Titanic! Pat Robertson said that YHWH sent the hurricanes to punish America for its sins. Likewise, Al Qaeda said pretty much the same thing. Deliver us from this nonsense.

    1. What in the world are you talking about?

      Oh, wait, I get it–man causes icebergs! Or causes icebergs to melt. Uh-huh. Better pony up that carbon tax, and all drive little clown cars, and turn off your air conditioning, and let the exalted wise experts in the government micromanage your lives. And then there won’t be any Climate Change. No more of those pesky hurricanes, earthquakes, droughts, etc.

      Yes, God created the iceberg that sank the Titanic. But it was bloody stupid human beings who ran into the iceberg. Too bad Al Gore wasn’t captaining the ship: it never would’ve gotten out of port.

  2. I’d like to comment about those threats you mentioned.

    It’s almost as if those people are throwing demonic tantrums because you won’t agree with them. Also, it seems as if they act as if the Truth hurts them, because, deep down, they know that what they profess is a lie. So they strike back as if Truth is some sort of attack. It’s stupid, but that is how they are.


    1. Oh, I think the truth really does hurt them. I find it hard to believe that anyone, deep down inside, truly believes that having certain body parts chopped off and getting pumped full of hormones is all that good an idea.

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