John Kerry’s Bible Blooper

Like I’ve said, liberals should stay away from religion. They have no aptitude for it, and their efforts to mimic religion are, to put it as charitably as possible, clumsy.

If the Global Warming poetry, or the worship of dead dictator Hugo Chavez, didn’t convince you of the truth of that statement, perhaps you’re ready to receive a Bible lesson from Secretary of State John Kerry, an alleged Catholic.

Kerry this week told an audience that America has a God-given duty, spelled out somewhere in the Book of Genesis, to protect the Muslim world from Global Warming ( ).

Hmm… I read the Bible regularly, and I don’t remember that being in there. Let me consult my Strong’s Concordance. Nope, the word “Muslim” appears nowhere in the Bible. Nothing on “Global Warming,” either.

Can it be possible that Kerry is truly, authentically so ignorant that he honestly believes that stuff is in the Bible? And is he so genuinely clueless as to believe that he will curry favor with the poor, benighted Muslims by volunteering to “protect” them? I’m surprised he didn’t call them “my little brown brothers.”

Why do libs and progs like Kerry ever invoke the Bible? They should stick to their humanistic paganism and leave Christianity alone. They will just never get the hang of it.

9 comments on “John Kerry’s Bible Blooper

  1. This is so stupid, it is hard to believe anyone past the age of four could come up with such obvious hog-wash. Is he serious? Does he think everyone is asleep? Was he drunk or taking drugs? I can’t imagine a logical explanation of such drivel. Every day, I think it can’t get worse, but tomorrow, it does.

    1. Oh, he’s serious, all right. They all are. Ignorance of the Bible leads to being governed by persons who are even more ignorant of the Bible.

  2. Perhaps, in his exhaustive search for biblical wisdom, he somehow missed Deuteronomy 28 and the penalty for being a false prophet. I’d be very careful about invoking scripture to back a political belief.

  3. They’re at least adept at one thing – conveying their idiocy. Rumor has it that both Kerry and Biden have converted. Who knows. Either way, they display Bible illiteracy. Erlene’s comment is as true today as t was in 2014.

  4. If he really is catholic, that may be his biggest problem. Have you read any of the totally asinine sayings and speeches of the pope lately? I have not read such drivel come out of any mouth in a very long time. amazing.

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