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Socialism and… Toilet Paper

Image result for images of toilet paper shortages

What is it with socialist governments and toilet paper? In Venezuela they’ve had a toilet paper shortage for umpteen months. And now, in the workers’ paradise of China, they’ve installed high-tech face-scanning machines in public toilets to combat… toilet paper theft ( https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/mar/20/face-scanners-public-toilet-tackle-loo-roll-theft-china-beijing ).

So you don’t get your toilet paper ration–yes, they’re rationing it–unless the face-scanning machine says you’re okay to receive it. City authorities say they had to do this because “the elderly” have been stealing rolls of toilet paper for home use.

And you’ve gotta wait for the scanner to do its thing, which sometimes takes a while because the machines have not been as efficient as one would wish. There’s a little dance you can do while waiting for your toilet paper ration.

I guess they should’ve listened to Sheryl Crow when she recommended that everybody be restricted to just one sheet of toilet paper per visit to the john–to Save The Planet.

There you have it, folks–Big Government at work. They can’t even guarantee you a–well, you get the idea.

Venezuela Busts Bakers for Baking Brownies

Image result for images of banned pastries

No croissants allowed, either!

Ain’t socialism just the bee’s knees? What a pity we don’t have more of it here! Serves us right for not electing Hillary.

The Western Hemisphere’s showcase of socialism, Venezuela, has arrested four bakers for “making illegal brownies and other pastries” (https://ca.news.yahoo.com/venezuela-arrests-brownie-croissant-bakers-bread-war-024355524.html ).

Illegal brownies? You bet! Venezuela’s “ruling Socialist Party”–they don’t much cotton to having other political parties there–has bollixed up the oil-rich country’s economy six ways from Sunday, and so, for the past three years, they’ve had a bread shortage. The Party recently send soldiers–yes, soldiers–into more than 700 bakeries to make sure nobody was trying to make and sell croissants.

Of course, none of this will persuade any of our own academics or Democrats that maybe having the central government in charge of every little thing isn’t such a hot idea after all. Socialism only sucks in Venezuela because of the inept clowns in charge of it down there. It’ll work like gang-busters when we impose it on our  country, with American liberals to manage it.

Legend has it that Marie Antoinette, on the eve of the French Revolution, having been told that “the people have no bread,” infamously replied, “Then let them eat cake.” Well, there won’t be any cake, either, in Venezuela. Not if the socialist government can help it.

The Brain-Eaters: Our Predatory Justice Dept.

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St. Peter likened Satan to “a roaring lion [that] walketh about seeking whom he may devour” (I Peter 5:8). He might have aptly applied that description to various agencies of our federal government.

Like for instance:

The University of California at Berkeley made available a wide assortment of free college courses online, accessible to anyone who had a computer and wanted to take the courses. We are amazed when a university does anything good, and astounded when it does anything for free.

But instead of being applauded, Berkeley found the Loretta Lunch Justice Dept. smashing down on them for…ahem… violating the Americans With Disabilities Act. ( http://www.forbes.com/sites/georgeleef/2016/10/12/the-americans-with-disabilities-act-strikes-again/#1b7a6d712f5e )


Well, hey, if a course doesn’t have closed-captioning, it “discriminates” against the deaf. If its video doesn’t have a sharp enough color contrast, it “discriminates” against the color-blind. See, the ADA forbids any and all “discrimination” against any imaginable kind of “disability.” It leaves the door open for all kinds of fanciful interpretations and is a cornucopia for trial lawyers–because the JD is full of maniacal “change agents” who are always on the lookout for another ADA case to prosecute.

So they made Berkeley shut down a lot of the free courses–and also pay damages to those who were “discriminated” against. Ka-ching, ka-ching!

Under the guise of protecting us, leveling the playing field, fundamentally transforming us, creating a utopia on earth, blah-blah-blah, the federal government punished people for doing something good, took away a benefit that many people were receiving at no cost, and helped absolutely nobody but some greedy shyster lawyers: and I guess they made themselves feel like they’d accomplished something.

This is what happens when liberals and other Democrats are permitted to have power.

They’ve all got to go.

State DMV Goes Ballistic over ‘KUMQUAT’ License Plate

Kumquats–somebody’s idea of politically incorrect fruit

Further proof that government, at all levels, has too much of our money, can’t think of constructive uses for it, and needs to be cut back:

A woman in North Carolina with a vanity license plate that said KUMQUAT, as in the fruit, was warned by the state’s Motor Vehicle Dept. that they had received “complaints”–note the plural–“that the plate is offensive and in poor taste.” ( http://www.thetimesnews.com/news/20160908/in-reference-to-personalized-license-plate-kumquat- ) The driver was given 30 days to notify the state, in writing, “what the word ‘kumquat’ means to you,” and it had better be good or else we’ll revoke your license plate.

The state has a policy of threatening anyone whose plate is the object of a complaint, no matter how idle, frivolous, baseless, moronic, or unfounded the complaint may  be. “Policy” is bureaucrat-speak for “We check our brains at the door.”

In this case the state of North Carolina withdrew the threat when it was proved to them that “kumquat” really is just a fruit, and not a term of racist or homophobic or whatevuh abuse.

Actually, they do taste pretty bad.

When Fools Play God

Image result for the golden calf

What do all of these have in common–safe space, hate speech laws, “affirming” and “celebrating” whatever aberrant “lifestyle” anyone can think of, vaccinating infants for every disease under the sun, and claiming that government action and policies can control the earth’s natural processes and prevent “Climate Change”?

All of these, and more, flow naturally, inevitably, from the cockeyed humanist project to set man up in place of God: and for “man” read “government.”

To out-do God in being God, these people seek to remove any and all challenges from life. Don’t take my word for it: read “the Humanist Manifesto II.” (http://americanhumanist.org/Humanism/Humanist_Manifesto_II) “Using technology wisely,” we can wipe out disease, direct the course of human evolution, end war and poverty, and blah-blah-blah.

They can’t promise eternal life and forgiveness of sins (“Not yet, not yet–but we’re working on it!”), but for the time being they can transform the world into a secular paradise in which nothing bad ever happens–not even bad weather. And if perchance it does, well, it must be somebody’s fault it happened, and the government will soon take care of it.

This from people who would be hard-put to organize a softball tournament.

This is what we get from leaders and wise men who abandon God–now they’re the ones who have to be God! But don’t worry, it’s just bound to work: because they’re so smart, their intentions are so good, and anyhow human beings are naturally good and that will become apparent as soon as our masters engineer all the bugs out of the system. The problem is not original sin, oh, no! It’s just that our environment has been so screwed up by capitalism, racism, sexism, White Privilege, and yes, you bet, by Religion in general and Christianity in particular… and once we get rid of all that stuff, you’ll see heaven on earth.

But they have to prove they can do it–hence all these policies and programs to take all the struggle, all the stress, all the pain, and all the disappointment out of life: because if God were half as smart as they are, He never would’ve created such a defective world.

It started in the Garden of Eden and it’s still going strong today.

And Heaven help us if we’re fool enough to trust these people.


A Grim Little Insight from History

Image result for images of the fall of rome

Consider this quote by Edward Gibbon, from The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Chapter XV:

“The incapacity of a weak and distracted government may often assume the appearance and produce the effects of a treasonable correspondence with the public enemy.”

Which, I think, explains why we are so often moved to ask, concerning our own national leaders today, “Are they wrecking the country on purpose?”

As Gibbon summed up the causes that led directly to the fall of Rome, he noted:

*The destruction of the middle class, leaving only a small stratum of the super-rich and a vast population of the intractably poor, most of them on welfare.

*Public entertainment that became a substitute for work and family life.

*Wave after wave of invading barbarians–many of whom had been invited into Italy by the Roman authorities themselves. And why? As our own leaders might have put it, “to do work that Romans won’t do.”

Does any of this sound at all familiar?

If history is sometimes boring, it is also sometimes shocking.

Feds Ease Up on Order to Schools to Go Transgender

Oops! They went a tiny bit too far, too fast, and now the Obama administration has to throttle back on its “order” to public schools in America to let boys into the girls’ bathrooms or else: so instead of an order, now it’s just a “letter of guidance” from the Justice Dept.–what???–and the Dept. of Education ( http://abcnews.go.com/US/obama-administration-public-schools-transgender-students-access-bathrooms/story?id=39081956 ).

Remember when the Justice Dept. used to go after guys like Al Capone? Now they go after people who are a bit slow to hop aboard the transgender express.

The “letter of guidance” admonishes schools to allow any kid to use any bathroom according to his, her, or its “gender identification,” which is to be whatever the student says it is on any given day. It comes with a veiled threat to cut off federal funds to any school district that won’t let the boys stand over the girls while they pee.

Excuse me? Did I just hear you say you weren’t going to vote for Donald Trump, or you just won’t vote at all, and you don’t care if Hillary Clinton is elected president?

Remember what not voting for Romney (warts and all) got you.

Some Thoughts on Cats and Cucumbers

Why are so many cats so scared of cucumbers? It ought to be investigated, and here are some of the questions that should be asked.

Would the cat be startled by any object that you surreptitiously placed behind him while he was eating, or is it just cucumbers?

Would she be afraid of the cucumber if you first called it to her attention while still holding it, and then put it down where she could see it?

Do objects that look like cucumbers produce a strong reaction?

Are the cats who are startled by cucumbers easily startled in other circumstances?

Whatever you do, don’t contact your Congressman and ask him to get the government to fund a study of cats being scared of cucumbers. He will only wonder, while hastening to spend the money, why he didn’t think of that before.



Let the Government Drive Your Car?

“Leave the driving to us!”

Automobile and traffic experts recently told the government to slow way, way down in its push to put us all into driverless, computer-guided cars ( http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_SELF_DRIVING_CARS_CAUTION?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2016-04-08-15-37-19 ).

Granted, there are an awful lot of people who shouldn’t be allowed even to touch a steering wheel. But as always the government favors a one-size-fits-all approach. For the sake of the ninnies who are a menace on the highway, they want all the cars to be “self-driving.”

Because that way they can hook your car up with Big Brother and then they can control it instead of you.

The experts warned the National Highway Safety Administration that the robo-cars are not anywhere near as safe as the government thinks they are: there are still a lot of bugs in the system.

Do you think our beloved leaders care if the cars are safe or not? The very idea of exerting that much control over ordinary people’s ordinary lives is, to them, pure ecstasy.

Tell you what. Let’s save tons of time and effort, and ask our beloved rulers just to list the things they don’t want to control.

You could probably fit it onto the back of a fortune cookie slip.

The Problem of Poverty: Solved!

Nice sidewalks make for nice neighborhoods!

Thanks to Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx, we finally know the chief cause of poverty in America.

Is it fatherless homes? Nah. Endemic drug use? Uh-uh, not even close. Is it the presence of a persistently criminal subculture? Really lousy education? Crooked politicians? None of the above.

The chief cause of poverty, sez the Sec, is… lack of sidewalks ( http://www.dcclothesline.com/2016/04/03/obamas-dot-secretary-lack-of-sidewalks-is-reason-for-lack-of-achieving-american-dream/ ).

See, you can’t achieve the American Dream–whatever that is, anymore–unless you’ve got nice sidewalks in your neighborhood. Because sidewalks, Foxx babbled, are not just a means to get you from one place to another. Sidewalks are about “getting you to a better life.”

Augh! It’s gotta be a dream, please can I wake up now…

(Thanks to Linda for calling this news item to our attention.)

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