Hey, Liberals! Dig My Silver Medal

The Cellar Beneath the Cellar ebook looks pretty snazzy with that silver medal on it, eh? Permit me to boast a little.

Okay, I’m finished boasting.

I’ve neglected to mention here that, a week ago today, a major left-wing blog with a nationwide audience–I won’t say which one: why give them free publicity?–published a hate piece directed, by name, at yours truly.

I can’t understand why such a bunch of big shots should even notice me, let alone bother to attack me. Did they run out of nasty things to say about Glenn Beck? And how am I supposed to fight back, my slingshot against all that heavy artillery?

Then again, come to think of it, there was a kid named David, once, who made out pretty well with just a slingshot.

For a week after the attack, my Bell Mountain sales were up.

Make a lefty mad today–support my books!

2 comments on “Hey, Liberals! Dig My Silver Medal

  1. Great job, my friend, if I may be permitted. If youwere here, you could have some of my Chile con Carne-best beast in my era and area-better than tim Horton’s. And, this time I heated it up with a real hot peppers, rather than chile powder. Best yet


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