I’ve Finished Writing ‘The Temple’

The story that’s been my constant companion since the beginning of April, Book #8 of my Bell Mountain series, is told. Well, it’s written down, and there’s no more to write. It’ll be months and months before the next book begins to take form.

This story, The Temple, is about what happens when people have to choose between a temple they can see and a temple they can only believe in. It contains the usual mix of heroic deeds, base villainies, murders, miracles, and weird animals. All I’ve gotta do is type up the last few chapters and send them to my editor.

It’s like your baby grows up and leaves home. I hardly know what to do with myself, once a book is finished.

Meanwhile Book #7, The Glass Bridge, is ready for final editing, and artist Kirk DouPonce has told me he’ll have the cover ready in another few days. I can’t wait to see it. I was hoping The Glass Bridge would be published in time for Christmas, but I doubt we’ll manage it.

And so, back to what we laughingly call reality…

We got another email today from the stoneheads behind The People’s Climate March, urging us to turn up in New York this weekend so they can give us little green hats to wear while we take to the streets to demand higher taxes to Save the Planet. This’ll be a special “Robin Hood tax” that’ll only rob rich corporations who deserve it. And of course the poor simpletons who run the corporations will never, never, never pass their increased costs on to the consumer, so that the tax in effect falls on the consumer–no, they’ll just sit in a corner drooling on themselves until they go out of business.

Lord, deliver us from brain-dead liberals.

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