High School Football Scandal: Just What You’d Expect

Today’s public school outrage: Sayreville High School, in New Jersey, has canceled its football season this week, in response to allegations that upperclassmen on the football team sexually abused freshmen players.

This is a Christian blog site, so if you want the gory details, you’ll have to read the newspaper article ( http://www.dailyrecord.com/story/news/local/2014/10/08/sayreville-football-scandal/16915427/ ).

After you read it, you may wonder, “Gee, where do kids get the idea to do such degrading and potentially dangerous things?”

From their public schools, that’s where.

Here is an article I wrote four years ago about a New Jersey Sex Education Conference attended by hundreds of sex ed teachers ( http://chalcedon.edu/research/articles/when-sex-education-turns-into-pornography/ ). The featured attraction at the conference was “Healthy Endings: A Workshop in Anal Health and Sexual Safety.” There were a lot of booths selling “sex toys.” And it was all about educating children.

What the Sayreville football players allegedly did to younger players in the locker room is only what you would expect them to do after being “educated” by “teachers” who attended that conference.

Parents need to re-think their kids being in the public schools.

Folks, it’s every bit as bad as we’re saying it is. You can easily check the information and confirm that it’s true.

Meanwhile, I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts that, even if Sayreville High School’s football program bites the dust, “sex education” there will survive and flourish.

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  1. Public schools, are nothing more than re education centers, they are teaching the kids to become monsters, every day I read in the paper about teachers, either teaching immoral values, or molesting their students.I could go on all day, story after story, of the horrors that these children have to endure when they enter the so-called halls of learning.

  2. Movies and television are also to blame. Look at the kind of stuff they show on Game of Thrones, and this is what we entertain ourselves with.

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    The vile legacy of Alfred Kinsey, history’s most debased individual lauded by academia for indoctrinating children into perversion that consumed Kinsey. Certainly, “Parents need to re-think their kids being in the public schools.” Home instruction is the only option if you care to protect the innocents God has given to your charge.

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