They’re Killing Childrens’ Souls

So you still want your children in the public schools?

At the Lincoln Public Schools, in Nebraska, teachers have been ordered to stop using “gendered expressions”–like, for instance, calling boys and girls “boys and girls”–and instead using “gender inclusive” gibberish–like calling them “purple penguins” ( ).

The Lincoln schools are following “12 steps on the way to gender inclusiveness,” a program of induced insanity and wickedness developed by the wackos at Gender Spectrum.

A few years ago, this cropped up in schools in British Columbia. Certain of my esteemed colleagues insisted it would never happen here. Well, now it’s here.

Please do not feel secure if you live in a Red State like Nebraska, or a county governed by conservative Republicans. The same teachers’ unions run the schools in all 50 states.

And now they want to teach your children that it’s wrong to think in terms of “man and woman” (Male and female created He them, Genesis 1:27), and to train them to “Point out and inquire when you hear others referencing gender in a binary manner… Ask things like…’What makes you say that?’…Provide counter-narratives that challenge students to think more expansively about their notions of gender.”

This is for the benefit of poor warped souls who have bits of their anatomy lopped off, and have themselves shot up with hormones, so they can say they are of another sex than the one into which they were born. For the sake of this microscopically small constituency, we are expected to turn our whole culture upside-down, and our own minds inside-out, and abandon our religion.

If you don’t have this in your own public school district yet, be assured: it’s coming, and sooner than you think.

All Christians who continue to send their children to public schools are, whether they know it or not, accomplices of the teacher unions, and complicit in their crimes.

By the time these people get done “educating” a child, will he or she still have a soul?

5 comments on “They’re Killing Childrens’ Souls

  1. As a public school teacher we were told not to call kids “boys and girls” back in the mid 90s. I refused to submit to the language police of the day and the movement seemed to die out as a fad of the time. Now I see more clearly what the aim was!

  2. If that all possible, get your kids out of the public schools now, they teach very little in the way of life skills, they are in the business, of teaching children immoral and unethical trash.Common core education, has only one purpose, to dumb your child down, so they are unable to do any critical thinking.Our lawless and criminal government, does not want educated young people, they want slaves, that will obey submit and comply, to their evil agenda and wishes.

  3. And yet, I see children and young people becoming more NON-compliant than ever. They are all confused rebels who, by the time they are late teen to early twenties, many of them are in deep depression, confused, angry and on the edge of insanity. Some roam from home to home, seeking someone, anyone, who can give them some answers and direction back to the road of sanity. A friend has a meeting today with one such twenty year old man who is on the verge of suicide in deep depression and she has requested prayer for her counseling session.
    So sad to see this evil coming down.

    1. These alleged “teachers” are de facto satanists, whether they know it or not. And the public schools are their workshop.

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