The Ebola Party

No, I’m not going to tell you how to throw an Ebola party at your home. I’m talking about the political party, the Democrats, that has imported this hideous disease into our country.

Ask any political scientist: the Number One job of any government is to protect its people. This is the basis for the government’s existence. If it is not going to do that, it might as well not exist.

Preventing Ebola from getting loose in America would seem to be a very high priority for any US government. The most basic thing they could do would be to not allow anyone to come here from those areas of West Africa where there is currently an Ebola outbreak. Until the crisis is over, no more flights from Liberia should be allowed to land at JFK or any other US airport. It’s a form of quarantine, and it’s only common sense.

Dying from Ebola is not nice. You bleed out through every orifice of your body.

But the Ebola Party in Washington DC has refused to close our airports to flights from Ebola-stricken countries. They have refused to do the most basic thing they can do to protect us.


Because the leaders of the Ebola Party–President Barack Ebola, Senate Majority Leader Harry Ebola, House Minority Leader Nancy Ebola, and Secretary of State John Ebola–are too committed to playing “Citizen of the World” to let a little thing like American lives get in the way of their fantasy. That’s right, folks–they would rather let you bleed out, than let up on their Open Borders policy.

Next month we will have national elections.

Please do not let the Ebola Party stay in power.

2 comments on “The Ebola Party

  1. We, as a nation, not individually elected these murderers twice before,
    and I doubt that the country of sheep has really learned anything useful. This current horror is not the only one- they are proliferating daily while the sheep all jump over the cliff.

    1. I keep getting emails from persons who insist on voting for third-party candidates who have no chance of winning–which is just another way of voting to keep the Obama/Ebola Gang in power.

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