The All-Devouring Federal Government

At what point will Our Glorious Leaders be satisfied that they have enough power over us and don’t need any more?


Case in point: The federal government has spent over $2 million–so far–to develop devices to track your weight and eating habits ( ).

First they hired SmartMove Inc,–be very, very afraid whenever liberals/statists use the word “smart”–to develop an insole that will track your weight and activity level so somebody (guess who) can “quantify and modify physical activity and lifestyle behavior in overweight and obese individuals and others with sedentary lifestyles.”

The National Institute of Health–don’t you just love the names they give these predatory government agencies?–is also funding research to develop a little “button” you can wear that’ll spy on you 24/7, so the EPA can catch you smoking, overeating, or having a large soda.

Dig this comment from one of the scientists-for-hire at the University of Pittsburgh:

“Unlike the cell phone which spends most times sleeping, eButton never sleeps–it helps the user all the time.”

Helps? Did this moral imbecile really say his little device is going to help us?

You might think this is all kind of a good idea, if you’re the sort of person who is attracted to perpetual childhood. Maybe they can give you wee electric shocks if you don’t eat your broccoli. “Uh-uh-uh! We’ve blocked your air conditioner from working, and we won’t let your car start, until you run off the calories from that piece of crumb cake!”

You watch–it’ll all be justified under Obamacare. If the government is going to be paying for your healthcare–like you were six years old again and it was your mommy and daddy–then it must have the authority to restrain you from doing unhealthy things and to compel you to do things that it decides are good for you.

It’s bad enough that they are Godless, evil, and insane.

But they’re also flaming stupid: and it beats me why we allow ourselves to be governed by such people. It just totally beats me.

3 comments on “The All-Devouring Federal Government

  1. Well, it beats me too. When did thinking for yourself become a crime?
    When the Lord called us sheep, He was right on. If one jumps over the cliff, all the rest follow. I shake my head in exasperation.

    1. Well, the government can’t let people overeat, can it? And they’re doing such a good job of protecting us from Ebola, and securing our borders against illegal immigration!

      There is absolutely nothing which these Godless idiots do well.

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