One of My Nightmares

I have this dream from time to time, and I had it last night.

In all versions of it, I’m still in high school even though I’m now 65 years old. My classmates are no spring chickens, either. You see, we haven’t finished yet! They keep on adding to the time you must spend in school. Last night, as in most versions of the dream, we were halfway through June without the school year ending. Every day you think is going to be the last, or next to last–nope! It just goes on and on.

I’m coming to believe this is a prophetic dream.

What would our evil, crazy rulers and their expert advisers like better than to keep us all in school for as long as we live? Much easier to control us! They can even control what we eat and when we eat it. And all the while, in classroom after classroom, they can talk at us without our being allowed to get up and leave, or talk back. And they can control what information we get and what information we don’t get.

What seems a nightmare to a normal person is a progressive’s (translation: communist fat-head) golden dream.

Oh! But how can a society generate enough wealth to live on, if everybody’s still in school instead of working?

But under the very best of circumstances, not requiring the population to be confined in school, societies run by progressives really stink at creating wealth, and excel in wasting it.

2 comments on “One of My Nightmares

  1. That seems like a nightmare alright. You may be correct about the prophetic aspect. It could also, possibly, be that we, the Lord’s people are still in school before His final bell? Just a thought.

  2. Strange, I have a similiar reoccurring dream. I’m back in high school trying to graduate but worried I wont make it. I have no idea what it means.

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