A Rat as Big as a Car

Hi! Mr. Nature here, this time via the “Believe It Or Not” Dept.

What would you say if you saw a rat (or hamster or guinea pig, you get the general idea) as big as your car? Well, OK, probably I couldn’t print it. But it seems there really is, or once was, such a creature. In 2008 its skull turned up in Uruguay. Scientists named it (good luck, pronouncing this) Josephoartigasia ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josephoartigasia_monesi ).

Joe the Giant Rat, scientists estimate, was 10 feet long and five feet tall, with a 12-inch-long incisor tooth in a skull 21″ long. They estimate the animal weighed up to 3,382 pounds: that’s as much as two adult male polar bears, or a full-grown female white rhinoceros. And that’s the conservative estimate: when it was first discovered, they were thinking 5,000 pounds-plus. They reckon it fed on soft water plants, cheese having not yet been invented. They say it lived from four to two million years ago, for what that estimate is worth.

It makes me wonder what else is out there waiting to be discovered.

Behold the works of the Lord. No, I don’t know why He created this Josephoartigasia and then didn’t keep it around for us to see. No, I have no theological explanation for extinction: the subject is not discussed in the Bible.

All I know is that God created a vast number of really cool animals that were also probably really dangerous, and that they aren’t with us anymore. He created them for His pleasure and they were, by definition, perfect. It’s my personal belief that, with a whole universe at His disposal, God simply took these creatures off the earth and moved them somewhere else–

Leaving their fossils here for us to marvel at.



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    1. There were sabertooth cats (Smilodon) in South America at the time, but they weren’t as big as these giant rodents. But who knows? A cat big enough to eat Big Joe may yet be discovered.

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