Libs Wouldn’t Like You to Buy My Books

You folks should see the comments I refuse to display. They’re all from libs and progs, they’re all chock-full of cusswords, most of them express the wish that some tragedy should overtake me, and besides which, half the time, they’re so inarticulate, it’s all I can do to figure out what they mean.

I guarantee they would be unhappy if they thought a lot of people were reading Bell Mountain and its sequels. They’d be even more unhappy if they were to read these books themselves and see what’s in them. And they would gnash their teeth over what is not in them! I leave the rest of this thought to your imagination.

Look, I have to do this from time to time because this is the only advertising I’ve got. Besides, Christmas is coming and my books would make good presents for children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews–and adults, too. And right now is selling the paperbacks at big discounts.

If you like high adventure, sharply-drawn characters, way-out-there settings, and plenty of action, all wrapped up in a Biblical worldview, these are the books you ought to be buying–and not just for yourself.

I know, I know–here’s this guy talking about his own books, isn’t it disgraceful? Betcha didn’t mind when Frank Purdue did it, or that old guy who owned Wendy’s. It is sort of embarrassing to do it, though.

All right, then–as long as you’re here, click “Books” and visit the page of each of the six books, and check out the Customer Reviews. They’re almost all five-star reviews.

This concludes the commercial. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

3 comments on “Libs Wouldn’t Like You to Buy My Books

  1. Anoterh thought buning bright. The lefty set usually-always? answers, when a complaint is made about their usual favorite published any kind of filth, ” Well, you don’t have to look at it, or hear it, blah blah blah blah .” So, why do they not follow their own wisdom? But, that would not be liberal, would it?


    1. I don’t understand why liberals read my stuff and get upset about it. I never read their stuff unless I really have to, in the course of my work. Once they’re upset, they send me angry emails. By “angry” I mean spitting bile, head spinning around 360 degrees, levitating three feet off the bed cheesed off.

      And we let these people run our country.

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