Voters Clobber Ebola Party

President Barack Hussein Ebola and Senate Majority Leader Harry Ebola got their disease-importing, open-borders, Global Warming  butts kicked yesterday. A few Democrats survived who would otherwise have been sent packing, thanks to third-party spoilers (shame on you, Louisiana) and the self-indulgent types who voted for them. But by and large, it was a good old country thrashing.

Thank you, Lord.

So we’ve been given a chance, maybe a last chance, to stop the piecemeal murder of our country and its purposeful deconstruction into a socialist, bankrupt, lawless, culturally degraded basket case. (Let me know if I’m being wishy-washy here.)

Now we have to worry about whether the Republicans are up to the job. We’ve put the ball in their hands, and they’d better not have butter-fingers. As Rush Limbaugh put it today, this election does not mean America has, overnight, fallen in love with Republicans.

Republicans must overcome their paralyzing fear of the nooze media, their penchant for venal deal-making, and their addiction to playing it safe and trying to get away with doing nothing. They must realize that we took power away from the Democrats to stop the Democrats, and that’s the job we’ve handed to the GOP. And they’d damn well better do it.

Here’s what we want from you, guys:

*Kill any plan to award any kind of amnesty to illegal aliens.

*Stop the appointment of any more left-wing federal judges and department heads.

*Repeal Obamacare in its entirety; and if that’s not possible, gut it piece by piece.

*De-fund federal policies and programs that are hurting the country.

*Rein in the lawlessness of the IRS, the DOJ, the NSA, the EPA and other federal agencies that have lent themselves to partisan political games, and punish those responsible.

*Take an axe to incontinent federal spending.

It’ll take courage, hard work, and perseverance–qualities foreign to many leaders of the GOP–to undo the havoc which six years of Obamaism have wreaked on the country.

But boy, oh, boy, they’d better do it. Because they will not be given a second chance.

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  1. You are being wishy-washy, you forgot communistic !! Keep up great work. Liked your pope nonsensical lingo piece. When do Catholics wake up ? Amazing religion, specially if you like indulgences. How many of the so-called Christian conservative talking heads on TV are catholic !! And Romney a Mormon. Hard to find an old time Protestant anymore especially in media. MSM is littered with Atheists,Jews & Catholics so what does anyone expect in assessing politics without a one-sided view. Not to say their opinions are moot, but they are predictable. Anyway, would like new Congress to move to right, but I believe the country wants a more middle-right policy now and that will mean Republicans have to move on issues from the wishy-washy middle. So…soft amnesty, soft defense and soft cultural calamities will continue except for the money issue….that will be “solved”. Absolved,involved,dissolved ? Let’s call the whole thing off !!

  2. The condition of the Catholic Church today is pretty well portrayed by Malachy Martin in his novel, WINDSWEPT HOUSE.

    Francis, and the popes canonized by him this year, are all Rosicrucian freemasons and anti-popes. The church was dedicated to Satan in 1963, and continues to deteriorate under his influence.

    Joe McCabe

    1. I read Windswept House some years ago, and it instantly changed me from pro-abortion to 100% pro-life, no abortion under any circumstances. I recommend it to everyone.

  3. Lee,

    You put too much faith in the Republican Party.

    And by the way, America has been socialist, bankrupt, lawless, and culturally degraded for a long time. It’s not about stopping it anymore, it’s about having to change America back into a nation based on protecting individual rights…and don’t forget what Thomas Davidson, one of the founders of the British Fabian Society, said after his rejection of socialism,

    “Historically, nations have been great, I believe, in proportion as they have developed individualism on a basis of private property…If socialism once realized should prove abortive, and throw power and wealth into the hands of a class, that class would be able to maintain itself against all opposition, just as the feudal chiefs did for so long. Feudalism was socialism; that is often forgotten.”

    And what is feudalism?

    One of the founding fathers of modern day socialism was German professor of technological chemistry Karl George Winkelblech (went by pseudonym “Marlo”). Marlo called for the return to feudalistic communities, where “instead of individuals invested with economic freedom–the organization of the whole economic life, works and industries in economic communities.” He called for a return to the middle ages feudalistic system with subordination of the individual to the community. Morality within the feudalistic system isn’t based on right and wrong, morality is based on “How do I conform to the will of the community?”

    The churches were very much involved in controlling the policies within the feudalistic communities…and if you look around America today, both the Democrats and Republicans, conservatives and liberals, the Catholic Church and many other churches promote “communitarianism,” which is nothing more than a return to the feudalistic system of tightly controlled communities, where the individual has no rights beyond those granted by the community leaders.

    Meanwhile, most Americans, as they vote left or right, green or libertarian, have no clue the feudalistic system being shaped within their own communities.

    1. The two-party system is what we have to work with. There is nothing else.

      I’m getting kind of tired of this posture of radical despair. What are we supposed to do, if we don’t vote? Armed revolution? Are you ready for that? And no matter which side wins–with the sole exception, historically, of our own War for Independence–there’s still more violence waiting, and plenty of it, after the war is over.

      Sure, I’d like to get rid of communitarianism. But sitting out elections and letting Obamaism run wild–no thank you. In my book, that’s a sin.

    2. I would like to add that feudalism, in stark contrast to our current system, assumed the rulers’ obligations to their subjects–the obligation to protect them from lawbreakers and invaders, for instance. Our leaders laugh at any thought of obligation. Modern political philosophy has dispensed with it.

      Above all, feudalism presupposed an obligation to God, in terms of which God would judge the feudal rulers. Our rulers envision no judgment: they will never be held accountable to God or man.

      It would be wonderful to get rid of our permanent political class, along with its scientific advisers and its enablers among the flatline churches. But how? How? How?

    1. There ought to be enough Republicans in the new Congress, provided they stand tall and stop being afraid of what the nooze media will say about them, to retaliate for imperial executive orders–retaliate in some way that really hurts this lawless bastard in the White House. Maybe take away his travel and entertainment allowance.

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