So You Still Believe in Public Education?

I dunno, maybe Americans want their kids to be educated by clowns.

Well, for anyone who might actually be swayed by evidence, here is Exhibit 906 million in the Case Against Public Education: “School Forces 5-Year-Old Girl To Sign ‘Suicide Contract’ After An Incident With A Crayon” ( ).

Yup. A little girl, feeling playful, pointed a crayon at another kid and said something like “poo-poo.” So of course the idiots running the school dragged her off and first “made her take a questionnaire to evaluate her for suicidal thought”–what???–and then had her sign a “safety contract” promising to contact an adult if she was thinking of suicide or homicide. “This all happened while her mom waited in the lobby to pick her up, the upset parent told WPMI,” a radio station in Alabama.

Alabama? But that’s a red state!

The same teacher unions control the public schools in all 50 states. Your child might as well be going to school in Massachusetts.

The child’s mother said “school officials recommended the 5-year-old see a psychiatrist,” WPMI reported.

These are the people you want educating your children? Really? You know, don’t you, that now this child has been marked up as “a suicide risk,” which is going to stay on her record until Doomsday?

More than any other single factor, more so even than what we shamelessly call our politics, public education is responsible for the shambles that America is turning into.

There is no acceptable excuse, morally, for sending one’s child to the public schools.

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