Now You Won’t Need an Operation to Change Your ‘Gender’

Here’s the story: I leave it up to you whether to laugh or cry.

Because it ain’t fair to ask people to have their parts cut off before men can say they’re women or women can say they’re men, the city of New York is contemplating a move to make it easier for one of these poor lost souls to change his or her birth certificate to list him or her as a member of some sex other than the one he was born into. See the Associated Press report from Nov. 10 (sorry, can’t get the link to work), “NYC weighs easing birth certificate gender changes.”

So now if a man wants to change his birth certificate to make it say he’s a woman, or a woman wants to change hers to say she’s a man, all they would need would be a letter from “a licensed health professional” who has no integrity whatsoever to say that Duke really is a lady or Flossie really is a man.

Has truth ceased to have any value among us at all? Does it have any meaning?

We pile our sins all the way up to Heaven, and add new sins that our fathers never thought of.

I do wonder what God sees in us. I really, truly do.

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