Godless School Board Axes All Religious Holidays, Then Blames Muslims

Montgomery County, Maryland–home of the state’s biggest public school district, and probably the most left-wing county east of the Mississippi–is in the news again.

This time the county school board voted 7-1 to expunge all–repeat, all–religious holidays from the 2015 school calendar. Then they turned around and blamed the Muslims, saying it was their fault because they’d asked the board to add their “Eid” to the calendar as a religious holiday.

Yup–the Muslims wanted their holiday included, so of course the only thing that could be done was to get rid of all the religious holidays, including Christmas, Easter, and Rosh Hashanah. I wonder how many nanoseconds the board agonized over that.

Now the Muslims are mad because they did not want Christian and Jewish holidays canceled, they do not like getting blamed for it, and getting rid of everybody else’s holidays hasn’t benefited the Muslims in any way.

Hey, guys, welcome to Montgomery County, where the only god they know is Democrat politics.

If this were a case of Muslims demanding the abolition of Christian holidays, it would have been proper to tell them to go back to where they came from if they don’t like our way of life. But it’s not that kind of case. The Muslims are in the clear on this one.

Y’know what? Mad Magazine nailed this about 50 years ago. In an article about “the North American Veeblefetzer Co. Yearbook,” the company president apologized to the employees for having to cancel their Christmas party and bonuses this year, out of deference to the company’s single Muslim employee–hired on Dec. 23. Decades later, in real life instead of in a humor magazine, the ultra-prog Montgomery County School Board picks up on it and does the same thing.

People of Montgomery County, Maryland… I think you’ve just been veeblefetzered.

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    1. They’ve been actively trying to dumb down their students for the past hundred years. As incredible as it may seem, the main obstacle to that program used to be… the teachers’ unions! How times change.

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