A Good Word Gone Bad

Among the casualties of Democrat rule–that is to say, government by far-left, howling-at-the-moon left-wing villains–are honest English words. There ought to be a law against what these people do to language.

The most thoroughly abused of these words is “justice.”

For the Left, there is no such thing as “justice.” There are only various kinds of pseudo-justice. Here is a brief explanation of what they mean by these different kinds of “justice.”

1. Racial justice. Blacks are always right because they’re black, and whites are always wrong because they’re white. To redress this imbalance, ruling white liberals try to ensure that blacks never have to obey laws, should not be punished when they break the law, should never have to work, and should be given a lot of free stuff–but not enough free stuff to raise them out of the permanent under-class–for as long as they continue to vote for Democrats.

2. Social justice. You work, They don’t. The government takes your money and gives it to Them in return for Their political support. Here, “justice” is synonymous with that vulgar expression, “a good screwing.”

3. Environmental justice. You shouldn’t have those things you worked for–house, car, air conditioning–because they’re ruining the Environment, so government will take them away from you. The catch is, they don’t want the people in any of the poor countries to have those comforts, either. Modern conveniences must be reserved for members of the ruling class.

Poor “justice”–it has been hanged, scalped, hacked to pieces, and the libs are dancing maniacally around its pitiful remains.

7 comments on “A Good Word Gone Bad

  1. For a society that’s, in theory, supposed to be color blind, the elites continuously divide us by color – to their own ends, of course. They care nothing for ‘we the peons’. They’ll care soon enough! Come, Lord Jesus!

    1. What a putz.
      Well, that’s Dem-speak for you. Whenever someone can claim to be a “victim,” it means he or she has a license to do anything he wants. It would seem the meaning of the word gets somewhat mangled when progs use it.

  2. Another good word I’m now sick of because the way it has been twisted is “fair.” People seem to have become emotional toddlers, where if another person has something you don’t, it isn’t fair. “If I can’t have it, neither should you” seems to be the prevailing mentality. Better for everyone to have nothing than one person have more than another. No matter if that person worked hard for it, and you didn’t. Or if they were just lucky, and you weren’t (that’s called real life folks, deal with it). The idea that fortunate people should have less, so as to not make the rest “feel bad” drives me nuts. What happened to telling our kids “life isn’t fair” as a way to help them realize life is going to have disappointments, and then helping them cope with those disappointments in ways that inspire them to persevere no matter what?

    1. It’s not fair that C.S. Lewis wrote the Narnia books and I didn’t.
      Yeah, that’s tiresome, all right–and very much a part of our benighted culture.

  3. I agree. When my sons were kids, they occasionally said “it’s not fair” to me. I always told them, that is life. Life is not usually fair; it is the way of the world, but you take what you have and make the most of it. They did so, and they are ahead of a lot of their contemporaries. Praise the Lord that I had the right answer for them.

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