Lefty ‘Law’ Center: ‘You’re Not Allowed to Think About That’

The Stalinist wannabes at the Southern Poverty Law Center are trying to ban a documentary film, The Principle.

The film is about the Copernican view of the universe–to wit, that Earth is not the center of the universe–and interviews scientists on both sides of the question. (No, I haven’t seen it. But I can do better than that: I know someone who is in it.) It opened in Chicago recently, but has not yet been released nationally. The pukes at the SPLC demanded that the theater owners not show the film. We are glad the theater owners told them to go pound salt.

Why do these commies want to prevent people from seeing the film? It’s a movie about astronomy! Mostly what SPLC tries to do is silence anyone who doesn’t kow-tow to Organized Sodomy or bend the knee to race hustlers. Why in the world should they care what anybody thinks about astronomy?

“Believing that the earth really is the center of the universe is:

a) racist

b) could lead to Homophobia

c) puts you on the slippery slope to Climate Change Denial

d) could lead to disbelief in Evolution”

Yes, folks, these are the Diversity Goons who want to hammer out of existence any belief, any sentiment, any practice that differs in the smallest degree from what they say you must believe, feel, or do.

They say I’m a hater.

Well, I do admit to hating them.

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