Atheists Demand God-free ‘O, Canada’

I try to escape from rot like this, but everywhere I turn, there it is.

As the English-speaking countries race to spiritual extinction, Canada has made a sudden surge with a demand by atheists that the words “God keep our land” be expunged from the national anthem ( ).

They support their position with a 2008 survey that supposedly demonstrates that 23% of Canadians don’t believe in God. I don’t know why they bothered. Experience shows that all it takes is one single atheist complaining and–presto!–your home town’s 100-year-old Christmas parade suddenly becomes a “Winter Festival.”

So they want new, totally secular lyrics for O, Canada. Maybe something like this:

O, Canada! Our pristine Godless land!

Transgender love in all thy kids command.

With frozen heart, with shrunken brain,

We reject the King of Kings.

We venerate the secular State: the State is everything!

We sell our souls for Diversity–

O, Canada, we’ve made a pact with Hell.

O, Canada, we’ve made a pact with Hell!

It may be objected that atheists don’t believe in souls, or in Hell, for that matter. They don’t believe in anything but the coerced perfectibility of man under the tutelage of self-anointed Experts.

But I couldn’t get any of that stuff to scan.

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