Christmas Eve Greetings

Here it is, Christmas Eve, and when I get up from this computer, I must begin the long labor of setting up our Christmas tree. Hours later, when I’ve finally finished, and sit back to drink my iced tea and listen to a little more Christmas music, my wife will take the duck out of the oven and we’ll have Christmas dinner.

Hey, as long as you’re here, have a seat and talk to me while I grapple with these ornaments and warn off the cats.

We have shut the door against the world today: no one allowed in but family, friends, and angels. And memories. People and places we have loved. The people have moved on to glory; the world has swallowed up the places. But there is a place the world can’t swallow up, and that is where the people are now.

May the Holy Spirit be with you all this Christmas Eve.

Lee and Pat


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  1. Merry Christmas, Lee! I hope you have a wonderful time 😀

    Were earth a thousand times as fair
    Beset with gold and jewels rare;
    It yet were far too poor to be
    A narrow cradle,
    Lord, for thee. — Martin Luther

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