The Global Warming Fantasy Factory

I write fantasy novels, and one of the purposes of this blog is to try to get people interested in my books.  I write stories about people who do not exist, living in an imaginary world. My work is fiction.

Which is to say, it’s getting kind of hard to tell the work I do from the work done by various “journalists” and politicians. But there is a difference. My work is plainly labeled “fantasy.” Their fiction is labeled “news” and “public policy.”

Lately they’re  calling it “narrative journalism,” which is a euphemism for “not true.” Somehow plugging in the euphemism makes it ethical and respectable to tell lies. Hey, the lies are in a good cause–the furtherance of the howling-at-the-moon Far Left political agenda.

The crown jewel of that agenda is Global Warming. It is fiction packaged as “science.” If they can only make it stick, the world’s ruling class will justify anything they do, and I do mean anything, as necessary for Saving The Planet.

No matter how many times they get caught lying and cheating, the Global Warming “scientists” just will not give it up. Nor will the global big shots. The payoff is just too dazzling. And so we have the United Nations, that weird collection of socialists, Islamofascists, dictators, and clowns, gearing up to hold a great big Global Warming confab.

And all the lefty journalists are breathlessly reporting that the Pope–the Pope, mind you!–is even now preparing an encyclical exhorting Roman Catholics, as a moral imperative, to “fight Global Warming” ; and he’s gonna show up at the big UN pow-wow to lead the charge.

This is narrative journalism.

It is not true.

Official Vatican sources show there is no such encyclical in the works ( ). This is not the first time lefty “journalists” (an oxymoron) have put words into the Pope’s mouth. But he brings it on himself by playing footsy with them.

My fantasy is written to edify and entertain, and there is not the slightest risk that you will believe one of my books is factual.

The Global Warming fantasy is put out there to separate you from your money, take away your freedom, and make fantastically rich people even richer.

I think you’re better off with my stuff.


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