Flash! Eco-Fascist Prosecutor Backs Down

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The chance to report good news comes along but rarely. I’ll take it when I can get it.

Earlier this year, the Democrat attorney-general of the US Virgin Islands subpoenaed the records of a conservative think tank, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, as part of a nationwide Democrat witch-hunt aimed at “Climate Change Denial,” an opinion which they don’t think you should be allowed to have unless they can jail you for having it.

Just found out that late in May, after the Competitive Enterprise Institute took out full-page ads in major newspapers to tell the whole world what this little creep was up to, the attorney-general has revoked his subpoena ( http://dailysignal.com/2016/05/23/virgin-islands-ag-withdraws-climate-change-subpoena-against-think-tank/ ). CEI still seeks sanctions against him, though, for attempting to use the law and his public office for blatantly political and wildly unconstitutional purposes.

This guy joined with 27 other Democrat AGs, nationwide, to try to criminalize disbelief in Man-Made Global Warming.

Wouldn’t it be just priceless if some of these cupcakes wound up in the big house?

This Is Not How Honest People Behave

E&E Legal (the Energy & Environmental Legal Institute) has sued the Vermont Attorney General “to release public records related to conspiracy of AGs [state attorneys general] seeking to use RICO [Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act] to punish and silence Climate Change ‘deniers’,” according to a press release ( http://eelegal.org/2016/06/13/press-release-ee-legal-sues-vermont-for-stonewalling-public-records-request/ ). It seems records are being shuffled back and forth between Vermont and New York “to keep secret public documents the public has a right to see,” E&E charges.

Well, hey, we’ve been warned about this ( http://www.newsmax.com/GeorgeWill/climate-change-deniers/2016/04/24/id/725453/ ). The Global Warming mob and its Democrat cohorts in our gangster government are actually trying to outlaw an opinion and silence any expression of it. They can’t convince the public that “Man-Made Climate Change” is real, so they fall back on brute force. Well, that’s one way to win an argument: “Shut up, or we’ll throw you in jail!”

I’ve never seen this in my lifetime–a genuine government effort to shut down debate over public policy by criminalizing dissent.

Honest people do not win arguments this way.

But Global Warming is too good to let go. It provides would-be tyrants with an excuse for anything they have a mind to do. “We gotta do it because it’s the only way to Save the Planet!” And anyone who dares voice a doubt is looking down the barrel of a prison sentence.

If George Washington were alive today, he’d be leading an army in a march on the city that so unworthily bears his name.

Think about that on Election Day.

Don’t let it be said that you failed to do everything in your power to prevent another Democrat from taking office.

Because they won’t stop this mischief unless we stop them.

Flash! Centaur Sighting

Proof that Man-Made Anthropogenic Oh-Boy Climate Change is real, real, real:

Half a dozen people in a certain town–which must not be identified for fear that Biggits and Haters will show up there–and come to think of it, those people must not be identified, either–well, anyhow, just last night, they saw a centaur dash right across the main street of their town.

The source of this news report must not be identified in case the Climate Change Deniers should hassle them.

A prominent Scientist, identity withheld to protect him from a Vast Right-wing Conspiracy, said “Because centaurs are caused by Climate Change, Income Inequality, and Microaggression, and the problem can only be solved by giving absolute power to government agencies staffed by unelected bureaucrats, you’re going to see a lot more centaurs before the whole planet suddenly boils over just because you ignorant anti-Science ijjits out there were too cheap to pay a whopping great Carbon Tax.”

It is reported that the centaur ran right across the street in full few of half a dozen patrons coming out of a tavern at closing time, turned and made a rude noise at them, and then disappeared into an alley.

“It’ll be the Loch Ness Monster next,” remarked the unidentified Scientist. “Mark my words.”

Curses, Foiled Again! No Sea Level Rise for New York, Washington D.C.

Don’t you hate it when you make scary, melodramatic scientific predictions, and wait for the big bucks to come rolling in–and then your prognostications turn out to be totally, hopelessly wrong?

How many “climate scientists” have sought to wow their audiences with claims like “New York gonna be the new Atlantis! Only the Government can save us”? The Government advised by ourselves, of course.

Now we find that since 2009, sea levels at New York City and Washington, D.C.–which were supposed to go up, up, up because we stubbornly refuse to live like medieval peasants–have, in fact… gone down ( https://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/05/29/the-sea-levels-are-now-reducing-in-the-hotspots-of-acceleration-of-washington-and-new-york/ ). And of course, if you look at the graphs over time, you can easily see that sea levels are always fluctuating–subject as they are to countless influences, some of them so subtle that we have yet to detect them.

So again it’s boo-hoo to the Global Warming crew: take a long walk off a short pier, and hope there’s still water under it. I would say “pray” instead of hope, but I have no idea what you guys pray to, and probably don’t want to know.

Jail for ‘Climate Change Deniers’–the Ball’s Already Rolling

ndhile Thailand makes “rude opinions” against the law, American Democrats have gone beyond just talking about doing it.

The attorney general of the U.S. Virgin Islands is the latest–would you believe it? they’re all Democrats–member of our “gangster government,” as George Will puts it ( http://www.newsmax.com/GeorgeWill/climate-change-deniers/2016/04/24/id/725453/ ), to accuse ExxonMobil, along with a couple of conservative think tanks, of the new crime of “Climate Change Denial.” This brings the total to 17–all Democrats–state attorneys general trying to make it against the law to disbelieve in Man-Made Global Warming.

They also allege that anyone who voices disbelief in Man-Made Global Warming is only doing it because he’s been paid under the table by Big Oil.

Now, if Exxon’s defense attorneys are worth anything, there is an ocean of evidence out there that they could subpoena, proving beyond even an unreasonable doubt that the real racketeers in this case are not the oil companies, but the gangster government and its pet “climate scientists.” They could start with the Climategate emails and work their way up to NOAA, NASA, the IPCC, and several other government agencies caught lying and cheating. There’s even a peer-reviewed scientific paper–albeit denounced by any number of scientists–saying it’s perfectly ethical to lie and cheat as long as it gets the public to do what you want it to do.

Nevertheless, be advised: They’re not just talking about it anymore. Democrats are actually trying to outlaw an opinion.

The First Amendment: R.I.P.

Libs Still Plotting to Jail ‘Climate Change’ Dissenters

Here we go again: libs–that is, Democrat state attorneys general (no Republicans) and other low forms of life–trying to win the “Climate Change” argument by jailing anyone who doesn’t believe in man-made Global Warming ( http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/apr/17/democratic-ags-climate-change-groups-colluded-on-p/ ).

Here we have Democrats, aka foaming-at-the-mouth communist wannabes, trying to stifle free speech. It’s the only way they can attempt to stifle free thought. If you’re not allowed to say it, why bother thinking it? You might even lose the ability to think it.

Please try to imagine the enormity of the crime they contemplate.

In any contentious, controversial issue of public concern, they propose to silence a dissenting opinion by using the legal apparatus of the state to crush it.

In what sense, other than a totally loopy one, can the First Amendment be said to have any meaning, if this is what they do?

The nearest and most deadly threat to our civil liberties is not posed by Islamic jihad fanatics. If we only had the stomach for it, we could swat them down like bugs.

The worst threat to our liberties is our public officials and our leaders. Al-Qaeda has no power to void our Bill of Rights. But as you can see from the news story above, our own home-grown Dems are out to do that very thing.


Another Darwinian Fairy Tale

Thanks to Global Warming and all that, says a scientist at the University of Kent, UK, rising sea levels are going to inundate the earth and the human race will evolve to live underwater, complete with gills, webbed feet and hands, an extra layer of fat for insulation, etc., etc. ( http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3396624/Webbed-feet-cat-s-eyes-gills-Features-just-humans-evolve-deal-water-world-global-warming-second-ice-age.html ) And voila! The Creature from the Black Lagoon.

It’s hard to decide how to label this. Is it poppycock, humbug, or just B.S.?

If a population of human beings devoted themselves, every day for hours at a stretch, to jumping as high as they could and flapping their arms, how long would it take for their arms to “evolve” into wings?

Or, if that’s asking too much of people who just might have better things to do, perhaps we could perform an experiment. Take some bats and don’t let them fly, but rather keep them in a watery environment day in, day out, for as many generations as it takes for the bats’ wings to evolve into flippers. What will we get out of this, other than a lot of wet, uncomfortable, and down-hearted bats?

I mean, is this stuff even science anymore? Our man from Kent relies on mutations to transform the human race into mermaids. That seems like a long shot, to me. But then that’s why the Darwin set insists on millions, or even billions, of years for Evolution to work its magic. Alas, the vast amounts of time involved make observation somewhat impractical. “You just wait a couple million years, and then you’ll see we were right!” What bunk.

And they say we Christians believe in silly things.


TV ‘Science Guy’: Jail the Skeptics

Just in case you thought it was suddenly safe to use your brain for anything more complicated than blocking the wind from blowing through your ears, along comes Bill Nye the Science Guy (with his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering), sage and oracle, calling for prison time for those whose “extreme doubt” of Global Warming/Climate Change is “affecting my quality of life as a public citizen” ( http://www.newsmax.com/US/bill-nye-climate-change-jail/2016/04/14/id/724050/ ).

Nye joins fellow fat-head Robt. Kennedy Jr. in proposing jail time as the appropriate response to skepticism vis-a-vis “Climate Change.” Hey, hey, gotta Save the Planet, no halfway measures will do! And our fascist Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, and a number of Democrat (of course) U.S. Senators. “Yo, watch us win an argument! We’ll just throw the other side in jail!”

Remember when there used to be this thing called “reason,” and these other things called “facts,” which were supposed to be used to persuade people that this or that was right or wrong, true or false? Well, they don’t need that stuff anymore. Taking a leaf from “President” Obama’s book, they have turned to communism to “just use what works”–in this case, brute force ruthlessly applied by persons with no more morals than a bucket of mud.

Don’t forget–most of these are the same chowderheads who are always howling about there already being too many people in jail for actual criminal offenses.

Oh, well–spring the rapists, armed robbers, women-beaters, and the rest of ’em, and you’ll have plenty of prison space for Climate Change Deniers. With room left over for those who refuse to celebrate Gay Marriage.

May God  cut off this evil suddenly.


Jale Them Climbit Change Deneyers!!

Ha, that stopid guy is out riding his bike so i got his blog, and i am a interllectural in Collidge so I can explane stuff that you ordrinary peple is not smart enuojhgt to undderstand.

So I say Congradurlations to our Tourney General Loreta Lunch for lookin for a way to prossacute anyboddy who deneyes Climbit Change, they has al got to go to Jale and Loreta Lunch is goin to find a waye to do it! Thay say maybe she can get this guy named Rico to go affter them, i dont kno his last name but he must be plenty smart!

Like whare to these hear peple get off, not beleavin in Climbit Change, and who do thay think thay are! Whare dose it say yiu got a rihgjt not to beleave in Climbit Change? My prefesser he is even smarter than me and He sayes the “First Amen-ment its” got to go becose its no good any more and peple is jist sayin things thay got no rihjgt to say and yuo Specally cant say nothin bad abuot Climbit Change!

So yiu jist wate till Hillery Is Pressadint and then al them deneyers she goin to Round them “up” and put them in Jale and she wil aslo fix anyboddy else what sayes anything bad and no body wil be aloud to say Wrong Things no more!

P.S. somboddy jist told me that Rico he is named Rico Petroselly and he uset to play base ball for the Red Socks but now he is a big Prossacuter for the Govermint. Wel i wuldnt kno abuot that, i dont follaw base ball but may be i wil now that Rico is goin to get rid of the Climbit Change Deneyers.

When Irresistible Humbug Meets Immovable Crapola

One more news story for today, and then I’ve got to go wrap my head in duct tape before it explodes.

The National Science Foundation has spent more than $400,000 for a “scientific paper” by a loony professor at the University of Oregon, in which persons who study melting glaciers are exhorted to take “a feminist political ecology and feminist postcolonial approach” to the scientific study of glacial melt ( http://blurbrain.com/400k-study-global-warming-feminism-glaciers/ ).

What does any of that garbage mean?

It means we, the stupid taxpayers, are out the money.

Go ahead, I dare you–tell me “This is science” and try to defend it.