The Next Liberal Jihad

I smell something in the wind–the next inane, acrimonious, damaging, and totally avoidable socio-political conflict to try what’s left of America’s soul.

Much as libs ‘n’ progs would like it to be something having to do with “transgender” issues, there just aren’t enough people out there who are addled enough to have their sexual organs lopped off. And Global Warming/Climate Change, as fantastically all-purpose a stalking horse as it is, just can’t seem to seal the deal, no matter how hard they try. Not that these ridiculous controversies will go away: liberal projects never go away. But in 2015 they’re gonna need something really juicy to ramp them up for the 2016 elections.

It’s going to be Income Inequality.

It’s perfect. “Like, man, it ain’t fair that someone has a higher income than me just because he works and I don’t.” A perfect issue for minds ravaged and dulled by a college education. “You didn’t build that!” Perfect for the envious, the mean-spirited.

They’re already saying Hillary Clinton–a genuine soft-core Marxist in her own right–is too soft on the issue of Income Inequality to please the far left wing of the Democrat Party. (Is there any part of that party that cannot be described as “far left”?) So they want Elizabeth Warren, the original “You didn’t build that!” demagogue.

And the message is simple enough for even a Democrat voter to understand: “You ain’t nothin’ without the government! And all those people who’ve got more than you, they cheated to get it and the government is gonna fix them!” It is implied that every dork with a bachelor’s degree in Queer Women’s Studies, who sits on his tuchas all day at his mommy’s house, playing video games while Mommy works, will receive gifts from the government and never have to grow up.

I hope I’m wrong, but I have a sickening feeling that I’m right.

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