A Few Tricky Questions

Zen Buddhists like to ask themselves tricky questions like, “What is the sound of one hand clapping?” That’s a poser, all right.

As our country stumbles and bumbles its way into a new year, here are a few tricky questions for Americans.

1. If communism is as wonderful as American college professors and media mavens think it is, how come no one is building rafts to go to Cuba?

2. Why do the vast majority of us have to trample on our own beliefs, change our laws and customs, and turn our culture inside-out because atheists and homosexuals say so?

3. Why, in the wake of a historic election in which the American people overwhelmingly rejected Democrats and their insane agenda, do the Republican leaders behave as if their party lost?

4. If “Black lives matter,” as the latest slogan puts it, why don’t people start living as if they mattered? Why all the violence, crime, gangs, and fatherless homes? That’s not how people live if they think their lives matter. But of course the great majority of normal, decent, peaceful people goes unseen and unheard–because the nooze media will have it so: makes for a better “narrative.”

Finally, here’s a rhetorical question that just might make you laugh until you have the hiccups.

5. If God wishes to bless a nation, do you really think He gives it the kind of leaders that we have today? Hick, hick, hick…

One comment on “A Few Tricky Questions”

  1. These times and these leaders are a part of His judgment. As it was for the ancient peoples, so it is for us today. Is anybody listening- any with eyes to see and ears to hear? It doesn’t appear that there are many. There are those who see the problem, but few who know the solution.

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