Free College for All!

President *Batteries Not Included has proposed free college tuition at your favorite community college for everyone whose breath can fog a mirror ( ).

It’ll cost billions and billions of dollars, but what the hey? We already have well-nigh universal college education, but so what? The scheme, dubbed “America’s College Promise,” proposes free college tuition for millions of students per year. In all 57 states, the president added.

And just imagine all the new college professors who will have to be hired, retired, and awarded lavish pensions for as long as they live. It’s called expanding the Democrat voting base. And just imagine all the new degree programs that will have to be invented, in case getting a degree in Women’s Studies, Black Studies, Queer Studies, or Queer Black Women’s Studies, proves too challenging for those few intellects that haven’t yet been herded into what we laughingly call “higher education.”

What will a degree from Obama U. be worth? A college degree used to set you apart as a person of more than usual ability. When literally everyone has a degree, what will it be worth?

It will become the new standard of Absolutely Nothing.

Just because the country is already something like $18 trillion in the hole doesn’t mean it’s ridiculous to spend money frivolously. Surely anyone opposed to free college tuition is a racist. (I learned that in college.)

Our nation’s leaders are so inept, their policies so ruinous, that you’d swear they’re doing it on purpose.

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