New York Times Stunts Insects’ Growth

Mr. Nature here–and you’ll never guess what fascinating fact I’ve stumbled over, reading one of the books in my collection.

This is from The Joy of Nature (The Reader’s Digest, Pleasantville, NY: 1977), pg. 163. I quote:

” One weapon [against insects] was discovered when certain laboratory insects died before reaching maturity. Those that succumbed lived in cages that were lined with American newspapers, such as The New York Times; the survivors’ cages were lined with copies of the London Times.”

Exposed to The New York Times, the poor insects suffered premature deaths owing to improper development, coming out of the cocoon at the wrong time, etc.

We coulda told you that would happen! Look what the NYT does to human brains.

Yes, I know scientists say this happened because of some chemical in the paper, derived from the American trees that are the source of the paper on which the NYT is printed. Well, they have to say that, don’t they?

Look what happens to society as a result of inane, unworkable, or suicidal public policies advocated by the New York Times–destructive policies like Obamacare, homosexual pseudo-marriage, affirmative action, ever-increasing taxes, abortion, and apologizing to terrorists: the list could go on until it reached the moon.

No wonder it kills insects.

If you have copies of The New York Times in your home, you’d better consider the effects of prolonged exposure to this newspaper.

And that’s our tip from the natural world today.

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  1. I always knew there was something dangerous in that kind of paper. That goes for a lot of others as well as a lot of enews. You have to guard your mind about all, for out of it come the consequences of life; so says the
    Book of Proverbs.

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