Feeling Sick? See Your Cat’s Vet

I had to take my cat, Robbie, to the vet today. She has asthma, and has been coughing a lot. So they took care of her.

I’m beginning to wonder if maybe our pets are getting better medical care than we are. I try to stay away from doctors, but my sister is a nurse at a doctor’s office and we get a lot of information from her.

These days it seems the patient gets only 10 or 15 minutes with the doctor or the nurse, usually the nurse; and some of that time is used up with inane questions mandated by the government and having nothing to do with whatever the patient came in to see the doctor for. So my eye doctor is obliged to give me “anti-smoking counseling,” which makes him feel like a dickey-doo-dah and annoys me no end. You come in with an arrow sticking in your shoulder, and they demand to know how often you’ve had sex this month.

None of that with the vet. She was all business, and took all the time she needed to deal with her patient’s problem.

I think I will go there if I ever need an operation.

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  1. There you go. Smart decision. I have noticed the same kind of thing lately, and not just in the medical field, but everywhere you go. They have young, disinterested people working; who just want off the phone so they can go back to their computer screens and want a nice salary for doing as little as possible. When they say medicine is a “practice”, they are not kidding.

  2. A few years ago, I had a minor operation and the interrogation I was put through was ridiculous. They wanted to know if I was being abused by anyone in my home. When I explained that I live with just a cat, that didn’t seem to be enough or them. I finally told the nurse to bug off and quit asking me questions. I’m surprised I wasn’t accused of nurse-abuse. 🙂

  3. Absurdity. All of it. My recent stint in the hospital was punctuated by my telling them all about themselves. The medical profession, generally speaking, but doctors most specifically (nurses are almost always excluded from this as my daughter is a very caring RN and my sister a Midwife/RN) are a bunch of jerks. Give me the doctors of yesteryear. Today’s doctors don’t even know what their patients look like, much less their history, etc. They’re too busy with their faces in the computer screens to actually look up at you. Disgusting! :\

    And Erlene, you are absolutely correct. I’ve been saying the same thing for years. They HAVE to call it a practice! And let me add – in a graduating class, there’s always someone graduating at the bottom of the class!

    1. A number of years ago, I went to the emergency room with an infection. The doctor would not even talk to me, literally. I tried to tell him that there was an existing cyst in the location of the infection, but he wouldn’t take the few seconds required to listen. He gave me some horse-pill antibiotics and a few days later I visited a family doc’ whom removed the cyst, problem solved.

      When I got the bill, I went to see an Administrator and told him that I’d be glad to pay for the ER visit, but refused to pay a dime to the doctor that wouldn’t even talk to me. The doctor’s portion was removed from my bill.

    2. Way to go.
      I’m happy to be able to say that none of my doctors are like that. Of course, they’re violating government directives and advisories by spending time with you, getting to know you, in one case praying with you, and not collecting data about you for Big Brother. But I’m not gonna report ’em for it.

    3. This guy was just some loser with an MD and little experience, working in the only place which would hire him, a very small hospital. Chances are he changed jobs frequently for a while.

    1. “White men stockpiling guns–” What? All white men? Which ones? This statement is illogical. It assumes something that is not in evidence.

  4. The price of medical care skyrocketed when the gov’t got involved. Get them out and it will go back down. The corruption in our current system is astronomical. Some doctors have become very rich over billing medicare and medicaid. Obamacare only made things worse. Return to the free market is the answer.

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