Aargh! It’s Gonna Snow! Oh, Nooooo!

So a great big monster blizzard is supposed to hit us tonight and tomorrow. New York Mayor and former Sandinista groupie “Bill DeBlasio” (his real name is Warren Wilhelm Jr.) held a press conference and said, in the most sepulchral voice he could muster, “We are going to see something worse than anything we’ve ever seen…” Yep, we’re doomed. But don’t panic.

Monday is our normal day for grocery shopping, so we had to go to the supermarket. We went early, in case there was going to be a panic. In this we were to some small degree successful: the panic hadn’t really started yet, and there was still some toilet paper, milk, and bread on the shelves. But the couple in line in front of us had at least eight rolls of toilet paper in their cart.

What did they think was going to happen? “Oh, no! We’ll be snowed in for weeks!” Other shoppers had their carts piled high with various foodstuffs: obviously determined not to let this snowstorm turn their households into a latter-day Donner Party. But who knows? Maybe they had more exotic terrors in their minds than that. “Oh, doom, doom, the snow! Why, we won’t be able to set foot outside, because The Woman of the Snows will be out there waiting for us!” Try to stay away from that scary Japanese folklore.

When are people in New Jersey going to learn that none of these apocalyptic things is going to happen to them when it snows?

The worst snowstorm ever seen is nowhere near as big a disaster as public education.

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  1. A good point – again. And it is sad that the general public has no real understanding or training for even short weather related outages much less bigger “disasters”. Maybe if we could find a way of education on these that would be acceptable and useful? Perhaps a discount on your home-owners insurance if people pass a test about preparedness? Getting a discount on something would drive more people to try and at least read through some handouts about such weather events, power failures, extreme cold and such.. It would save the insurance companies in the long run – possibly much more than they spend to develop and promote the program.

    1. To be sure, power outages are no fun. Hurricane Sandy left us without electricity for five days. For me the worst part was all the refrigerated food we lost.

      In this case, widespread power outages are not expected; it’s supposed to be light, powdery snow. So the panic we have is just general Jersey snow panic. In this part of the country we very rarely have weather that is actually dangerous. But that doesn’t stop people from carrying on like they’re about to be creamed with a nuclear missile.

  2. Great points! Although snow does suck…

    I suffer through cold weather. Can’t handle it at all haha.

    …but the way education works is also a shitfest in Canada as well.

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