God’s Stuff: Red Efts

If you’re noozed out, welcome to the club. Have some of God’s stuff instead.

Today we have red efts, which will grow up into green newts someday. That bright vermilion color sends a message: “Don’t even think about eating me–you’ll be sorry if you do!” Even so, red efts are among the most beautiful little animals you will ever see. And I’ve seen them redder than the ones in this video. Like so:

A Red Eft Crawls On The Forest Floor Photograph - A Red Eft Crawls On The  Forest Floor Fine Art Print | Amphibians, Reptiles pet, Reptiles and  amphibians

This is not a color you get to see a lot in nature, especially on land. The adult newts will spend most of their time in the water, but the red efts live on land.

The beauty of Creation tells us… God is nigh.

God’s Stuff: Chameleon

It’s just over-the-top cool, the way this little guy can change color. And fast, too! But that’s not his only specialty. His feet are perfect for gripping twigs and branches, his tail is prehensile, and his eyes in their turrets can move independently of one another, scoping for prey in all directions.

Do we really believe that anything as wonderful and complicated as this chameleon is truly the result of random chance spun out over kazillions of years?

Nah. It’s God’s stuff. He made them–and He must’ve had fun doing it.

The Key To Eating Healthy Is To Avoid Any Food That Has TV Commercial.

First, a little peek at God’s stuff….


An Experiment

See the source image

If this shows up tomorrow morning, the experiment has worked.

A Little Bit of God’s Stuff

F/9.0, 1/1250, ISO 400. Downy Woodpecker Teacher: Bob please point to America on the map. Bob: This is it. Teacher: Well done. Now class, who found America? Class: Bob did. Interesting Fact: Woodpeckers don’t sing songs, but they drum loudly against pieces of wood or metal to achieve the same effect. People sometimes think this drumming […]

via Dont Mess With Me, I Can Peck You Up! — Through Open Lens

Here’s a little bit of God’s stuff, courtesy of “Through Open Lens”.

Incredible! Sloths on Pogo Sticks

Oops! That video just didn’t pan out. Cool headline, though. Madja look!

Anyway, here are some ordinary little sloths demonstrating cuteness, and I hope you like them.

More Funny Cats–Hooray!

Once again we turn to our cats for a dose of sanity.

This red cat in the sink reminds me of our cat, Buster–who once managed to turn a pair of my wife’s panties into a kind of toga, and then posted himself in the living room window for everyone to see.

I must admit he never balanced a Q-tip on his nose, though.

Let Sleeping Cats Lie

Let’s take a break from discouraging news and observe some of the unusual ways cats have found of taking forty winks.

Our cat Peep has a habit of sleeping face-down. She and Robbie both have a penchant for trying to squeeze themselves into cardboard boxes that are much too small for them. Some of the postures affected by sleeping cats would lead you to believe they have no skeletons.

So enjoy the sleeping cats. There’s a lesson to be learned from them–and I wish I knew what it is.

Nature Break–Baby Musk Oxen

Hi! Mr. Nature here.

Right now it’s snowing sideways and we’ve already got almost two feet of it on the ground, with more to come. Dig that Global Warming.

But here’s an animal that normally inhabits the northern coast of Greenland and some of the really, really cold parts of  Canada–the musk ox.

The babies are cute as buttons. They will grow up to weigh 800 pounds with very sharp horns, and for big animals, they’re very light on their feet.  In modern times they’ve been introduced to places where they lived during prehistoric times, such as Siberia, where they seem to be doing well.

North coast of Greenland–wow. Who would expect anything to be able to live there–let alone a large herbivorous mammal?

There’s no quibbling with God’s stuff, though. It always works.

Here Come de Snow! Panic Time

We’ll take a break from Global Warming this weekend, here in the Northeast, to experience what weather forecasters are calling “a colossal snowstorm” that will dump either a foot or two feet of snow on us ( http://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/snow-storm-travel-disruptions-aim-for-nyc-dc-boston-philadelphia-friday-saturday/54870622 ), depending on how badly the guy on TV wants to scare his audience.

Here in suburban New Jersey, what that forecast means is total panic. For some reason, people pay no attention at all to the fact that no one in these parts has ever been snowbound. So they descend in crowds upon the supermarkets and frantically buy up batteries, milk, toilet paper, and loaves of bread–like they’re gonna need weeks’ worth of basic supplies, otherwise they’re gonna wind up like the Donner Party. (You know–the wagon train trapped in the California mountains by snow, had to resort of cannibalism, etc.)

I remember one time, some years ago, on a Sunday afternoon, when the weathermen predicted “the mother of all snowstorms” and everybody took it seriously, and you had businesses and public agencies announcing right away that they would have to be closed on Monday, can’t expect them to remain open during Snowmaggedon. And, oops–not one flake fell. That caused some hard feelings.

We shall see if it really snows. But I’m not looking forward to our regular Friday morning grocery shopping.