A Shameful Movie for a Shameful Age

It’s not that I feel like a relic of a bygone age. No–it’s more like I used to live in a nice place until I got kidnapped in my bed one night and marooned on an uncharted island inhabited by cannibals speaking an unintelligible language.

In the world I knew, if you were an atheist, a pervert, or a communist, you had to hide it or you weren’t getting anywhere. But now, if you are any one of those things, or (even better) some combination thereof, you receive honor and deference, wide esteem, and loud applause. If you’re not being invited to dinner at the White House, you’re probably living there and sending out the invitations.

Which brings me to the impending theatrical release of 50 Shades of Grey, a movie based on the great 2012 best-selling “novel” of jejune sadomasochism (see my blog post for June 3, 2012, Fifty Shades of Fooey, http://leeduigon.com/2012/06/03/fifty-shades-of-fooey/ ).

It used to be that books like this came in plain brown wrappers, and you had to order them through a porny magazine. Now the American Library Assn. is pushing to have Shades included in public school libraries, so as to make the kiddies’ minds receptive to S&M. It used to be that movies like this could only be shown in theaters that showed nothing but pornography–not very salubrious places.

Now it’s in the mainstream of our culture.

So why is our country misgoverned by thieves, liars, reprobates, and criminals? Why do we have a news media that gives us fictitious news, schools and colleges that make students dumber, and churches that estrange people from their God? In a very little time, in my own lifetime, this is what we have become.

God help us.

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  1. May God help us, indeed. These are the days the Lord warned us about, as did Paul and the others; days when good is called evil, and evil good.
    Fortunately, we have the Holy Spirit to surround us and keep us from the days of darkness, and as we pray, we can become the beacons of light to lead the lost out of this horrible situation IF we live what we profess. May He guide our footsteps daily.

  2. I agree Lee, and thank you for shouting about such. When we were kids this kind of stuff had a place – behind the counters, never to get public notice or approval. One could – if “of age” – purchase it, but you knew you were crossing a line – and that it was not something to put on the coffee table.
    Whether this “behind the counter” treatment made it more exciting or appealing and caused some to seek it is another debate – I would like to suggest that in countries where such is more public there is less fascination with it because it is not forbidden fruit locally.
    Whichever the case, making such as 50 Shades public with accolades and press – does change what some folks would see as acceptable – and especially the younger ones. This is very scary in many ways. Remember when “Father Knows Best” would not let the parents kiss or share the same bed? Now daytime soap operas show fairly explicit scenes with things that should be left off public tv and show them far too regularly. Of course we could debate that showing violence and crime dramas are also encouraging or legitimizing sins just as much – but it is much more ok to show that to our 4 year olds than to show a married couple (a man and a woman please) kissing – or so the TV shows would have us think.
    Lately I have been both appalled and somewhat eagerly happy about the changes in our world, the increased shootings, terrible behaviour of parents with children, and the worsened morals of what much of the entertainment media see as the “average man”.
    To me, while sad to see such, its a sign that our Lord’s coming is getting close.

    1. They are setting up for the normalization of S&M to be the next big thing, when the novelty of transgender has worn off.

      If our recent cultural history doesn’t make you believe in the Devil, nothing will.

  3. Amen to both previous posts. I have noticed that people who have visited Europe say “going to a prostitute is as common as going out for coffee”
    What a sad state of affairs, and now we are following suit. aarrrggg
    Let me off, please.

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