The Arcana of Cut & Paste

Various readers have asked why I don’t liven things up with pictures or video. If only I could! But to do that, I would have to master the art of “cut and paste,” or whatever it’s called.

I just can’t. I’ve tried and tried. Different people have tried to teach me, to no avail. It’s worse than high school chemistry. I follow their instructions and nothing happens.

You have no idea, folks, how frustrating this is.

7 comments on “The Arcana of Cut & Paste

  1. Does it work if you just start with a word doc, beginning with the option insert, and after the choice from picture file is inserted, then write your post beneath? I can do that much, usually, but I’m certainly no expert at any of these spiffy aps, either.

    1. Supposedly it’s how I can copy really long, complicated links without making an error, and somehow brighten up my page with pictures. But when I try, nothing happens.

  2. If you use a computer with Windows operating system (as opposed to a Mac) just right click the link and select the ‘copy’ option. Go to the page where you are writing your post and right click the text box. Select the ‘paste’ option.

    If you use a Mac, well, I’m afraid I don’t know :/

    (I once read about a man who, whenever he needed help with a computer, would say, “Quick, call a teenager!” lol)

    1. Everyone’s instruction is slightly different. What I can’t seem to manage is to copy a link from one page and then go to another page to paste it. Nothing happens when I try.

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