It Snowed Last Night

We were watching one of our detective shows last night, and I happened to glance out the window.

It looked like snow was being emptied on us out of a can.

Wow, did it come down! Not long afterward, it tapered off. But by then it had brought peace and quiet to our normally noisy neighborhood.

Mostly what we have, 24/7, is the non-stop roar of engines, tires on asphalt, brakes, and the world’s worst music, as if the drivers of the cars were the devil’s hurdy-gurdy men. But last night, for a little while, it was quiet. There were still a few cars on the road, but the snow muffled them and they went by like fish in a tank.

And everything was white and clean.

All right, if you live in Boston, you’re tired of snow and you haven’t enjoyed this post. I’ve seen the pictures; I understand.

This morning, as a vicious wind whips the snow around, and chills the temperature to below zero, my wife saw one of the neighborhood muttonheads clumping around outside in cotton shorts. Can anybody tell me what that’s supposed to be about?

Oh, wait–I know! The UN Climate Panel has hired him to be a walking advertisement for Global Warming. Hey, you think it’s cold? Well, then, there must be something wrong with you: because check out that guy over there–he’s in shorts! The sub-zero temps are all in your imagination.

2 comments on “It Snowed Last Night

  1. Yep, I’ve seen these walking advertisements even way out here in Washington State. You may see the same brain-dead creatures wearing sweat suits with hoods in July. Apparently, there is something they take that makes them totally impervious to external conditions. They march to a different drummer, summer and winter. It could just be rebellion, too; an insistence on having it their way regardless of weather, temperature, or conventions of any kind.
    I have wondered.

  2. When we lived in Iowa, we would often see crazy people (mostly teenagers) walking around in short sleeves when snow was on the ground.

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