Honor God’s Word


We know the sun is going to rise every day. But every day it seems to rise on a different vision of truth and morality, courtesy of a lot of academic chowderheads  who make these things up just to see what they can get us to think or do.

Every time you turn around, they’ve come up with something new–for the sake of which, we’re all supposed to change, to cast off core beliefs, and to accept the new, improved version of “truth” or else be branded as haters and enemies of the human race. And it’s frightening to observe the ease with which so many people do just that.

One thing that does not change is God’s word, because God Himself is eternal and does not change. Nor does God lie: that’s man’s province. The word of God, His gift to us: converting the soul, making wise the simple, rejoicing the heart, and enlightening the eyes: clean, enduring forever, and righteous altogether (after Psalm 19)–is this what we’re supposed to throw out, because some fool has thought of something new?

When Our Savior Jesus Christ challenged His disciples, “Will ye also go away?”, Peter answered, “Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life.” (John 6:67-68)

Eternal life is not to be traded in for eternal political correctness.

One thing I know: if God were as fickle as we are, we couldn’t count on seeing the sun come up tomorrow.


9 comments on “Honor God’s Word

  1. In a nutshell, God’s Word is a roadmap to eternity with Him. Disregard at your own risk. Without His Word, we would be lost and unable to find our way. Eternity separated from God is unthinkable.

    1. Words describing Hell that immediately and consistently come to mind – dark, desolate, desperate, empty, hopeless. Not inviting by ay stretch.

    2. It used to be a common trope in medieval sermons that Hell is the place where you spend eternity doing everything that got you there in the first place.

      When I used to tell my students this, at first they thought it would be fun — but I had to remind them that (a) it would get pretty old after the first 100,000 years, and (b) since God is the source of all good, including pleasure, and Hell is the absence of God, the activities would be there but not the fleeting pleasure that once accompanied them.

  2. Steven Pinker, Harvard psychologist, was on MSLSD after the Parkland shooting saying we need to stop the religious talk because God does not exist, for if He did exist He wouldn’t let school shootings happen. Okay Mr, Pinker, if you say so. Pinker may find it awfully lonely in Hell when he realizes it is the opposite of Heaven. Heaven is a place of complete community, and Hell is a place of complete isolation from anyone (not mentioning the darkness, worms, and torment).

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