Planet Fitness: an Integrity-Free Zone

Recently, somewhere in the winter wonderland of Michigan, a woman was dressing or undressing in the Planet Fitness locker room when a man strolled in. The woman complained to the front desk. The woman was expelled from Planet Fitness for violating its policy of being a “judgment-free zone” ( ).

“We are canceling your membership for your inappropriate response to the transgendered woman–” in plain English, the man–” in the women’s locker room. You rendered a moral judgement! Don’t you know there are no judgments allowed around here? What are you, a moron? Or just an evil transphobic enemy of the people? Judgment, judgment–we judge you guilty of being judgmental!” (Head spins around, 360 degrees, and the speaker levitates off the floor.)

Call it a logic-free zone, a decency-free zone, a truth-free zone, or anything you want; but one thing you can’t call it is “judgment-free.” Planet Fitness is up to its armpits in value judgments, all of them corrupt and wrong.

Its policy calls for any member to be able to use any and all spa facilities “based on the sincere self-reported gender identification.” Sincere? How the hell do they know who’s sincere and who’s not? Could it be they have to make a judgment call?

Being a walking abomination, a lost soul, a fractured mind, is laudable, worthy of respect or even applause. Objecting to it, in any way, is wrong, worthy of being kicked out of the club. Gee, you’d swear Planet Fitness was judging one moral vision to be right and another to be wrong.

There’s an awful lot of judgment going on in that judgment-free zone.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty thoroughly appalled by the dazzling speed with which this particular abomination has come to demand acceptance by our whole society. Suddenly “transphobia” is a brand-new crime, sin, wicknedness that no one ever heard of until two or three years ago.

Kill the culture, and the country dies.

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  1. ‘Kill the culture and the country dies.’
    Remove the One True Holy Almighty God, Creator of all things, and the country, once abundantly blessed, is already dead. Rigor mortis has set in. Repent!

  2. I completely agree that Planet Fitness has no integrity. It goes far beyond just this story though, as horrible as the story may be.

    If you read about their policies, you’ll find that the offer an assortment of free, fattening foods such as pizza, candy, and bagels. Not everyday, I’ll admit, but it’s still a questionable tactic for a place that has “fitness” in its name. They don’t even urge people to consume moderately, for pity’s sake!

    “You don’t have to eat the pizza!” Planet Fitness defenders say. Strictly speaking, that’s true. You don’t have to eat it, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to offer such temptation — especially since a large number of Planet Fitness members are likely to be struggling with obesity and overeating.

    Why do they offer fattening foods for free? Because their entire business model is centered around attracting people who are unlikely to work out much, while driving away the people who would use their equipment on a regular basis. That’s how they keep their prices so low.

    To drive away the dedicated gym goers, they use derogatory tactics. Their commercials depict bodybuilders as mindless simpletons, slender women as vapid airheads, and Zumba instructors as vicious taskmasters. They state that grunting, even lightly, is forbidden, despite the fact that this is often necessary when lifting heavy. And they forbid some of the most beneficial exercises around, such as deadlifting and overhead presses. Why? Because such exercises are only for “lunks” — or so they claim.

    To attract the less motivated people, they offer free fattening foods. They also tell these people that bodybuilders and their ilk are horrible, mean-spirited people, and that Planet Fitness provides a safe refuge from such despicable human beings. They also create a huge “relaxation zone” filled with tanning beds and massage chairs — the kind of equipment that people will enjoy, but which does practically nothing for one’s physical fitness.

    It doesn’t end there. In the photos section of their Facebook page, they offer a variety of near-useless workout programs. Here is one example:

    Sunday: 10 push-ups
    Monday: 10 minutes tanning
    Tuesday: 20 minute jog
    Wednesday: 5 squats
    Thursday: 10 burpees
    Friday: 15 jumping jacks
    Saturday: 10 minutes hydromassage or massage chair

    It should be pretty obvious to any knowledgeable person that this program, with the exception of the 20 minute jog, is essentially useless. The push-ups, squats, etc would be over in a matter of seconds. As for chillaxing in a tanning bed or a massage chair…. well, how exactly is that considered “exercise”?

    Their motivation is clear. They want to sell the notion that getting fit requires essentially no effort. People who are determined to get fit will recognize this to be nonsense, but the less motivated people find such a message enticing. They’re the people that Planet Fitness seeks to attract with these deceptive, unethical tactics.

    1. 15 jumping jacks for a day’s workout, eh? Who ever thought it could be that easy to overcome 25 years of sitting around overeating?

      Thanks for the info.

      Now I think I’ll get a good workout on my tanning bed, and afterward, some nice crumb cake.

  3. I may not have noticed this when you first wrote this, Lee, but the picture you chose is hilarious!

  4. A Planet Fitness gym opened a few blocks from my house so I’ve been tempted to switch my membership from the Christian Mercy Gym which is a ten minute drive away. That temptation is now gone – thanks!

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