Christian Cage Fighting? Is This a Joke?

If you feel like watching a pro wrestling match, you go to… church?

Okay, now I’ve heard everything. “Christian cage fighting” is just what it sounds like: you put two “Christians” in a cage and they beat each other to a pulp–because, runs their motto, “Jesus Never Tapped Out” (“tapped out” meaning “cried uncle”). It goes on until one of them gives up ( ). .

And you thought Tom and Jerry cartoons were violent.

This business is supposed to correct the problem of the American church being overly feminized. Well, sure–when they say you can’t sing “Onward, Christian Soldiers” anymore because it’s just too butch, certainly some correction is called for. When 90% of the congregation is female, obviously the church isn’t reaching the other half of the human race.

But I think with Christian cage fighting they’ve turned the dial way too far the other way.

I am pretty sure this is not what St. Paul meant when he told the Corinthians, “Let all things be done decently and in order.” (I Cor. 14:40)

The “pastor vs. pastor steel cage matches” seem to be especially popular.

This is right up there with the old ladies clad in burlap, dancing around the altar in some of those insufficiently masculine flatline churches.

Could we just have the lesson and the sermon and the choir, and save the entertainment for the TV room?

11 comments on “Christian Cage Fighting? Is This a Joke?

  1. Unbelievable! Are you sure this is actually happening?? If so, church is no longer church- it is a farce. Christians think they should receive respect?
    Not like this.

    1. “Say it ain’t so, Joe!”
      “I’m afraid it is, kid.”
      There’s an article about it in Christianity Today, to which I’ve linked. None of our institutions, including the established church, seems to be working properly anymore.

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