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27 comments on “Comment Contest: Down the Home Stretch

  1. I Save most of all your post in a special file, you handle delicate situations in a way I like to hear most of the time. I have read one of your books and like “Bell Mountain” very much, Keep up the good work. Love the pictures also. Bro. Don in Alabama.

  2. Hi Peep Well should have started to read your blog a few years ago .I seen many good reports but not enough time or just lazy /tired eys i hope to figure it out on how to get to buy your first book take care ,see u on pogo Terry

    1. You can order “Bell Mountain” from, Terry; in fact, you can do it right here. Just click “Books” to get started.

  3. That’s wonderful! I have three of your books, the Thunder King, Bell Mountain, and The Cellar beneath the Cellar, but the rest of the story is a mystery to me.


    1. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the first three. The story continues through the sequels–in fact, I hope next week to begin writing the next (No. 9). Stick with me! I need all the readers I can get.

    1. I think he’s fallen for a bill of goods. But Catholic theology has always overemphasized salvation by works of the flesh.

      There can be no doubt whatsoever that “Climate Change” is nothing but a power grab, aimed at vastly expanding the power of the state. The “scientists” involved have so often been caught lying, cheating, and fiddling with the figures that I’m left wondering what they can still do to destroy their credibility.

    2. I think there is much more of a motive on the corporations’ side, since international reports say they have to cut carbon emissions by 70%, requiring them to adjust their factories for a new energy source.

    3. And what’s supposed to happen, once they’ve cut carbon emissions by 70% at the behest of “international reports” based on jiggered data? No more storms, earthquakes, droughts, etc? Please…

      I’ve asked you this before: If “Climate Change” is for real, why do the persons who push it the hardest–like Gore, Kerry, Obama, et al–live as opulently as maharajas, leaving carbon footprints worth 1,000 of anybody else’s, just as if they didn’t believe there’s one word of truth to Global Warming?

      I’ll take it seriously when they do.

  4. Al Gore could live in San Simeon, for all I care. Maybe he has weird greed issues. But I can see climate change outside my window at this point. January through March were easily the warmest months in recorded history.

    My husband is from Europe, and by far the most shocking thing to him when he got to the U.S. is people don’t believe in climate change. And when people argue with him about climate change, they have national conspiracy theories (Gore invests in light bulbs, Democrats want to tax people more, etc.), but these theories don’t acknowledge that the rest of the world is onboard with the scientists – even China, the Pope, and Pentagon.

    1. It’s not just Gore. It’s every single stinking hypocritical one of them.

      Two winters ago was the coldest I have experienced ever–until last winter came along. I don’t know where you live, but outside my window, all winter long, it was brutally cold.

      Do you think that I, for one minute, recognize any moral or intellectual authority whatsoever in China??? The UN is even worse, and American liberals and academics (perhaps a tautology) are worst of all.

      How many times do these “scientists” have to get caught lying and cheating, before you begin to doubt them?

  5. Yes, it is colder there – that’s because of climate change. Scientists predicted this is what would happen from the beginning. It’s because the cold air at the top of the earth is no longer cold and locked in – like a belt – so it’s drifting downward in the vortex. Boston got record amounts of snow because the Atlantic ocean is warmer, so there’s more moisture in the air. Even with your record cold temperatures, it was still the warmest winter on record, which tells you how warm the rest of the earth was. We’re on the west coast, and our vacation home in central Oregon, which is a skiing community and usually covered in feet of snow all winter, opened its golf courses in February with record high temps. We’ve shattered all kinds of heat records all up and down the coast – and then there’s California’s worst drought in history.

    European Union is dedicating 20% of its budget to curbing global warming this year. German scientists are not trying to power grab anything in the US.

    1. If my religious faith were as strong as your faith in Global Warming, people would call me a fanatic.

      But let’s just say–if I don’t spontaneously combust from writing such a falsehood, even for the sake of argument alone–all the fugures are true, and the UN and the mob at East Anglia University are *not lying* (which would be a miraculous event):

      Is there any evidence at all that the draconian measures which Our Glorious Leaders and their scientific snake-oil salesmen are proposing would actually be able to “curb Global Warming”? Or will we be put through all this agita for nothing?
      We know from the study of geology that the earth has often experienced major climatic change–with no help from anybody’s SUV. If those changes happened without us before, they can happen without us again.

      If the Western US is really hot while the Eastern US is really cold, what is all this crap about a global climate?

  6. The climate has changed before, but not at such a rapid rate. What should take 10,000 years has happened in less than 100. In my lifetime, we can see it happening, where no dramatic climate change should be noticeable within one lifespan. The worldwide temperature data proves it’s true. Even as cold as the eastern US was, it was still the warmest year in history.

    1. Only according to the UN liars’ club! Meanwhile, there is abundant evidence that there has been no detectable temperature rise in 18 years–not to mention evidence that the Climate Change gang has fudged its figures more than once.

      Look, I simply refuse to believe claims made by known liars who will gain spectacular new powers if they can just put this over.

      It dazzles me that anyone can still believe them.

    1. A cold winter does not mean we’re all gonna die unless we give all our money to the government and let them move us into hovels. All it means is a cold winter.

      East Anglia University never tells the truth.

      China never tells the truth.

      The United Nations never tells the truth.

      No member of the Democrat Party ever tells the truth, unless by inadvertence.

      And no, I am not witnessing Climate Change. I am witnessing variations in temperature, rain and snowfall, etc.–things that used to be called “weather.”

  7. Again, you’re focusing on just our government and the Democrats – and some specific institutions and a nation you find untrustworthy. That’s ignoring the rest of the world who is all on board with this. It’s getting worse every year. You can see with your own eyes the shore waters creeping up the coasts as polar caps melt.

    1. Oh, what bunk!
      We have also been asked to believe, over the course of the past year or so, that:
      Only “hard communism” can save us from Global Warming.
      Global Warming is partly caused by Income Inequality.
      Homophobia plays a role in Global Warming.

      How many different ways must I find to say this? They are liars. They have been caught lying times without number. The way they live shows they don’t believe a single word of what they’re selling. They have a wide social engineering agenda which they justify by saying they’re just trying to Save the Planet.
      I don’t care whether “the rest of the world is on board with this” or not.

      There has been no warming for 18 years.

      There is no evidence that the draconian actions we are supposed to allow the government will have any effect at all on global “climate” (supposing that there is such a thing).

      My answer to all of this is No, No, No.

      What part of that don’t you understand?

  8. I understand the earth’s temperature is easy to track, and it’s rising every year. There is currently no standing theory on why this is happening other than carbon emissions. Scientists made this claim 40 years ago, and everything they said would happen is happening now.

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