Problem Solved (I Think)

Yesterday my WordPress Reader was inundated, monopolized by reblogged posts, all from the same person. Almost all of the content was sports.

Today he’s gone, hallelujah. I am not sure why he is gone, but I think it can only be due to one or both of two things.

1. I contacted WordPress, turned the guy in by name, told them he wrecked my Reader and asked them to make the problem go away. I haven’t yet had an answer from WordPress, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t acted.

2. The whole problem started because I innocently chose to Follow this guy’s blog, because he had just signed up to Follow mine and I was returning the favor.

I tried again and again to Un-follow him, and maybe my last attempt succeeded.

To cut yourself loose from a blog you don’t want to hear from anymore, you have to go to that blog and click “Following.” It will, for a fraction of a second, display the word “Unfollow” and then revert to “Follow.” That’s where you should leave it. In the goofy language of computers, “Follow” means you are not currently following that blog.

If your Reader is full of junk from blogs that you’re sure you’re not following, check the fine print: those items have probably been reblogged by someone who you are following. That’s the person you’ve got to Un-follow.

I hope this is helpful to y’all.

2 comments on “Problem Solved (I Think)

    1. It’s only in my Reader; it doesn’t interfere with my own postings on my own page, which is what you read.

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