Fellow Bloggers–Heeeeelp!

Someone has so stuffed my WordPress Reader so full of unwanted sports stories that I don’t have time to scroll down far enough to get to the blogs that I do want to read. So if you’re used to me Liking your posts, or leaving comments, and you wonder what happened to me–I can’t find your stuff now, it’s been immersed in a sea of sports.

I hate modern professional and college sports. I do not want to read about them. Alas, I have no idea how to make it go away. And the WordPress communication, problem-solving, trouble-shooting thingy at the bottom right-hand corner of the page doesn’t work–when I start typing my question, it disappears.

English soccer! Indian cricket! American tennis!

I truly, deeply do not care.

I still have some love for baseball of the remote past, my past, when it still was baseball and not just a way of mining the public for money.

Can anybody out there help me dump all this sports crap out of my reader?

4 comments on “Fellow Bloggers–Heeeeelp!

  1. You have my sympathy, truly! But I don’t know how to help you. The Worpress reader is equally mysterious to me as none of the blogs I actually follow show up there. Seems like a random group of blogs, most of which I have zero interest in. Thank goodness for email alerts or I would never know what was going on.
    Maybe there is a setting I don’t know about and someone out there is laughing at my ineptitude right now. If so, when you’re done laughing, maybe you can help us both out.

  2. I suggest a hammer, but maybe that’s not the best solution. Sorry! My computer skills don’t include knowledge of fixes.

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