‘Onward, Christian Soldiers’

Before I write my Mother’s Day tribute to my mother, which might take me a while, let’s have a hymn.

We need more hymns like “Onward, Christian Soldiers.” It has fallen out of favor in our sissy churches.

What about the movie clip? What’s that?

In addition to offering a fine, hearty rendition of the hymn, the movie, Stanley and Livingston, celebrates Dr. David Livingston, who brought God’s word to some of Africa. I believe that one of these days Africa is going to bring God’s word back to us. We can already see that happening in Western Europe.

Onward, Christian soldiers! Belt it out! And if the liberals don’t like it–well, ain’t that just too bad?

2 comments on “‘Onward, Christian Soldiers’

  1. AMEN! We sang this one in the church I attended as a youngster and I love it. How appropriate for my morning; I just finished my Scripture reading in the Book of Numbers where the children of Israel were commanded to do battle against the enemies of God and take over their territory. Why do people suppose we are given a suit of armor if we are not to defend and also offend? We are not to cave in to the enemy’s forces when our Commander is much greater! More of this spirit is sorely needed in these wimpy days of PC nonsense.

  2. At a church we used to go to, every Wednesday night everyone in church got to call out the songs they wanted to sing. Every single time, without fail, my brother would pick this one. That used to drive me nuts 😀
    I like it a lot more now that I’m older, though. It’s a great hymn!

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