PETA Demands Ancient Pub Honor Chickens (Honest)

When I read that the notorious wacko “animal rights” group, PETA, had sued the oldest pub in England to force it to change its name, because its old, old name was “offensive to chickens,” I didn’t believe it at first. Had to be a hoax.

I should know better. No lawsuit is too asinine, when PETA is involved. ( )

The pub, Ye OIde Fighting Cocks, is over 1,000 years old, going back to the age of Alfred the Great. Yes, once upon a time cock fighting went on there. Cock fighting has been banned in England since the 19th century, there is no cruelty to animals going on here–but hey, we’re lefty prigs, why not force them to change the name?

I’d change the name, if it was my pub–to A Pox on You, PETA. Or something more Anglo-Saxon, in keeping with the great age of the place.

Rush Limbaugh suggested that the reason people get involved in high-handed but profoundly stupid groups like PETA, and ridiculous actions like this lawsuit, is because they have no God in their lives.

I think it’s more a case that they have way, way too many gods in their lives, every single one of them a false god. But of course what they’re really worshiping, always, is themselves and their own vast self-righteousness (to say nothing of their self-importance). Every time. Out of the way, you peasants–here we come from PETA! We’ll make vegans of you yet!

Well, you can think of as many colorful replies as I can.

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  1. Well, you know, vegans do have brain damage from lack of vitamin B12, and other nutrients. You just can’t deprive your body of the nutrition it needs and maintain your sanity. These addle-pated simpletons have brain damage. They are to be pitied. (but, not too much. they do have a choice)

  2. Bravo Lee. Well said. I’m going to go back downstairs to admire the bleached deer skull and antlers that my Christian host shot in his backyard. He spoke fondly of the kill last night. My son and I are making our way from Maine to Seattle. We’re in western New York.

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