A Test to Decide Who Gets Out of Grade School

Ha ha! That other guy he had to go out, so my prefesser he said I should come over here and rite something else from that Christin Talaban stuff that you get here every day. That guy is alyaws trying to impose his religin on everybody and he shouldnt be allowed to rite about religin unless he is writ about how not true it is.

My prefesser he has invented a test for everyone to take and if you cant pass it you have to stay in grade school till you do. Of course its easy for us interllecturals to pass it, but that is because we have been to collidge.

Here is part of the test so you can see what its like.

1. Name the 50 (fitfy) genders reckonized by the smart peoplle of America.

2. If you are allready in one gender, change over to a diffrent one.

3. Which of these causes Global Warming?  a) Income Ineqaulity  b) Homophobia  c) Captalism  d) Eating Meat  Ha ha, this is a trick question! You supposed to say they all do!

4. True or Flase: There is No God because Science says so and Science is alyays right.

5. Give ten reasons why everybody should ouht to go to collidge, and writ a parragrap about why we cant have no dumocracy unless there is more and more collidge and if you dont stay there for at least six years you cant postibly learn how to be a interllecturle.

So that is what the test is like, and it will pertect us from Christins and groups what have got no educatin. And thats all I got to say. Except PS make sure and vote for Hillery.

2 comments on “A Test to Decide Who Gets Out of Grade School

  1. I love it when you come when the other guy is gone. Your spellng and stuff makes more sense every day!
    I agree to vote for Hillery. She is the best. And im mad becase in my city we just did election stuff, you no, liek voting and things? Yeah. and even though i voted democrat (cuz Hillery is a democrat that’s why) we still got a mayor and a sherrif what arn’t democrat. So i’ve been staying home eating school lunches and listening to NPR to cheer me up.
    Oh, and global warming made it rain and hail yesterday, so last night before bed i remembered to pray to Obama to make all the homophobas and capitalist people go to jail to make the global warming stop. i am very sad that these people don’t care if the polar bears melt and that guy who lives on an iceberg drowns from living on one.

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