Public School Assignment: Find Mom and Dad’s Sex Toys

[OOPS, NO PICTURE! That’s because I couldn’t find one that was fit to display on this site. I mean, really, the story itself is bad enough. Check the video.}

In just another one of tens of thousands of isolated incidents from every state in the union, a teacher at Encinal High School, Alameda, CA, is “under investigation” for giving sophomore students an unusual extra credit assignment: snoop around your parents’ drawers and closets, and if you find any condoms or sex toys, display them as trophies in a “selfie.” We have a TV news report with video, .

I am sure my folks possessed no sex toys. We lived in a time when the term “sex toy” was virtually unknown.

Parents are pretty mad about this, but the school district is protecting the teacher and refusing to answer questions while the “investigation” is going on. They haven’t even done the usual thing of suspending the teacher with full pay and benefits. We haven’t been told what subject this pervert was “teaching.”

Complete the following sentence: In spite of overwhelming evidence that public schools are run by perverts, idiots, and ultra-Leftists, I continue to send my children to public school because _______________. The most convincing answer wins a beanie with a propeller on top. (Note: We will not accept the answer, “For socialization,” because that only leads to the question, “So why do you want your children socialized by perverts, idiots, and ultra-Leftists?”)

C’mon, anyone, I dare you–try to defend public education. Just try.

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  1. Can’t defend it at all anymore. Even where there aren’t crazy stories like this, there are enough other issues, like the refusal to stop bullying, and grade inflation, and teaching only to standardized testing so districts can game the ratings system. (What does it matter if the kids can’t write, comprehend, reason, or think critically as long as they check all the right boxes on the test.) We experienced all of this in one of the top ranked schools in our state. I can only imagine what the lowest ranking schools are like.

    My youngest daughter just graduated this morning from a private Christian preschool, and we’ve already enrolled her at Liberty University Online Academy for Kindergarten. As much as we can help it, she will not be a product of the public schools.

    1. Because they have been discriminated against by the mere fact that they can’t. 🙂

      This is a disaster waiting to unfold. The hormonal state of an expectant mother is quite different from that of a woman when she is not pregnant and quite far from that of any man. The presence of certain hormones at certain times is essential to normal fetal development. I’m sure these medical know-it-alls think that they can outwit nature, but I wouldn’t be so certain that they will succeed. If they actually manage to pull this off, they could end up with a child that has all sorts of unanticipated problems. I’m all for true medical progress, but this strikes me as an idea out of a bad horror flick.

    2. No kidding. I wish no one any I’ll, but I fear that some very bad things will come of this. I would just hate to think that a child could be born to a miserable life of profound disability just because someone wants to make a point regarding their notion of how things should have been created.

  2. “because they can be a Christian witness and lead others to Christ” is the answer I often get. What a cop out. They are just too cheap to send their child to a Christian school or make the time to home-school them. Talk about sacrivicing your children to the wolves.

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