Teachers and ‘Kink Conference’

Philly teachers encouraged by district to attend 'Kink, BDSM, Trans Sex'  conference | Daily Mail Online

No, we didn’t make it up… This is public education.

The Philadelphia School District last year–that’s those “school officials” you always hear about–encouraged “teachers” to attend what was billed as a “kink conference” (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/4064230/posts). Or to put it another way, persons responsible for educating children urged teachers they employ to attend a bunch of workshops on a wide assortment of sexual perversions.

The district’s Office of Diversity, Equity (?) and Inclusion did this. They said they did not know how many teachers attended the “kink conference.”

“Kink” referred to a whole menu of perversion which I will not attempt to describe. The event was also called “Trans Wellness Conference” and was reportedly very gung-ho for puberty-blocking drugs and surgical mutilation.

These are the people who are charged with the education of America’s children. What do you suppose they mean to “teach” the kiddies?

Rejecting God and rejecting God’s laws, our civilization is sliding down the crapper. Every day we find new ways to degrade it. “Equity”? What does that even mean anymore? Any time you hear it, you know there’s crime afoot.

Do we understand the ideology? I think it goes something like this: “Abort all the babies you can; and the ones that somehow escape the abortionist, use the public schools to sell them on ‘changing your gender’ so that they will become sterile.” What sort of future does that suggest?

Take your children out of public education! Before it’s too late.

Public School Assignment: Find Mom and Dad’s Sex Toys

[OOPS, NO PICTURE! That’s because I couldn’t find one that was fit to display on this site. I mean, really, the story itself is bad enough. Check the video.}

In just another one of tens of thousands of isolated incidents from every state in the union, a teacher at Encinal High School, Alameda, CA, is “under investigation” for giving sophomore students an unusual extra credit assignment: snoop around your parents’ drawers and closets, and if you find any condoms or sex toys, display them as trophies in a “selfie.” We have a TV news report with video, http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2015/06/03/selfie-with-parents-sex-toys-alameda-high-school-teacher-accused-of-assigning-bizarre-extra-credit-for-sophomores/ .

I am sure my folks possessed no sex toys. We lived in a time when the term “sex toy” was virtually unknown.

Parents are pretty mad about this, but the school district is protecting the teacher and refusing to answer questions while the “investigation” is going on. They haven’t even done the usual thing of suspending the teacher with full pay and benefits. We haven’t been told what subject this pervert was “teaching.”

Complete the following sentence: In spite of overwhelming evidence that public schools are run by perverts, idiots, and ultra-Leftists, I continue to send my children to public school because _______________. The most convincing answer wins a beanie with a propeller on top. (Note: We will not accept the answer, “For socialization,” because that only leads to the question, “So why do you want your children socialized by perverts, idiots, and ultra-Leftists?”)

C’mon, anyone, I dare you–try to defend public education. Just try.