What’s Wrong With This Blog?

My WordPress Reader makes it easy for me to visit other blogs; and lately I’ve noticed something about them that makes me wonder about my own.

I keep running into blogs that have thousands of followers and more hits every day than you can shake a stick at. My blog is in its fifth year and has only 200 followers. Because there’s nothing about the other blogs that strikes me as unusual–they’re just nice blogs that I enjoy reading–it makes me think there must be something that I ought to be doing but that I don’t know I ought to be doing.

To make it even more confusing, at least to me, my Twitter page, which mostly just links to this blog, has almost 2,000 followers. Doh! I will have to ask an expert about this.

Anyhow, given that virtually everyone knows more about computers and blogs and social media than I do, please feel free to offer your advice.

9 comments on “What’s Wrong With This Blog?

  1. Have you linked your Twitter page to your blog via publicize? You can do this by clicking on sharing and then linking a Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr etc, so your new posts are shared on these sites automatically when you publish a post.

    1. My wife tells me I’m doing that already.
      People who know more about this than I do (that would be most human beings, and probably some cats) tell me I’m getting a lot more views than show on my stats page.

    2. I’ve just discovered that I’ve already received comments on that little piece I posted today about The Mabinogion, but as yet there are no “views” of it reported on my WordPress stats page. Which, I guess, means I’m getting more readership than I know about.

  2. I enjoy following all different types of blogs and from personal experience I find that “following” on WordPress is a little tricky. I do not have a WordPress account because I blog on Blogspot so I cannot simply follow a WordPress blog. The other option is to follow via email which I never do because I spend enough time wading through emails every day. Maybe a link to GFC or Google+

    Hope this helps

  3. “Wading through emails every day”–I hear you! I’m also an editor, so I get tons and tons of daily email. Bound to miss something important!

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