The Hammer Falls (They’ve Done It)

We went out to buy some groceries, my wife turned on the car radio, and presto!–they did it. Marriage is now… whatever.

Except it isn’t. It doesn’t matter what five antichrists on the Supreme Court say. The lie does not turn into truth, nor does the truth become the lie.

The court is wrong. The country is wrong. Anyone who aids, abets, or endorses this redefinition of marriage is in open rebellion against God’s word, and in danger of eternal fire. It’s kind of a high price to pay for a few short years of being cool.

For the rest of us, who still acknowledge the Lordship of Christ and the sovereignty of God the Father, all that remains to us is to pray for courage and to proclaim the truth.

I was in the habit of praying for my country every day. On this day, I’ll stop: because my country is turning into Babylon, where evil is celebrated as good and good denounced as evil; where filth is cleanliness, and cleanliness is filth. It would be a sin to pray for Babylon.

Father, protect us from this evil age, and bring it to a rapid close. Unless they repent, let all who live in these abominations die in them. In Jesus’ name, amen.

3 comments on “The Hammer Falls (They’ve Done It)

  1. Well, I think we should still pray for our country. God would spare Sodom for a few righteous in it, and perhaps there are enough righteous people that we will be spared as well.
    Israel was also told to pray for the peace of Babylon.

    However, I agree that this is a terrible day for America and every single person who helped make this law (by votes or by heavy handed lawmaking) should be punished severely. And they will be one day.

    1. I was thinking of Babylon in the sense of Revelation, not Jeremiah. As for Sodom, they had this excuse–they didn’t know any better, having never received God’s word.

    2. True enough, and if God didn’t spare Sodom who sinned in ignorance what will he do with those who willfully sin and turn their back on Him?

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