And Here Come the Tarantulas

[Here we come, walkin’ down the street/ Freakin’ out everyone we meet…]

So you think your town’s got troubles?

The town of Maningrida in Northwest Territory, Australia, has been invaded by 25,000 “diving tarantulas” that can live underwater, bite you real bad, and make you quite sick ( ). I don’t know who sat down and counted them; suffice it to say that a huge herd of very large spiders came creeping over a nice, flat, flood plain where everyone could see them, heading for the town.

Crikey, mate–here comes trouble!

Australia has several species of large, hairy spiders, one of which has a bite that can kill a human being–“Atrax is the poisonous Funnelweb Spider of Australia,” according to my “Spiders and Their Kin” field guide. You can see they don’t call me Mr. Nature for nothing.

Does our language even have a word for a huge army of spiders?

If you see such an army heading for your town, please redirect it to Washington, D.C.

4 comments on “And Here Come the Tarantulas

  1. Aaagh! I hate spiders. The venomous ones I hate even more. I can’t imagine having that many marching around my town. Gives me the shudders, it does.

  2. Does this remind anyone else of the appearance of strange, often dangerous creatures in a certain book series? 🙂

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