Robots Get Married; Gay Robots Protest

They’re laughing now…

Maybe you’ve heard, maybe you haven’t: the first robot wedding has  been performed in Japan ( ), where they can’t get regular people to marry and have children, and the nation is going extinct.

They made the “bride” look like a young woman and the “groom” like a 1950s B-movie robot–an action which constituted “microaggression” and “robohomophobia” according to a spokesmachine for Real Marriage Equality, an organization of homosexual robots.

“By making the two participating machines look like they belong to different genders, they crossed the line into punishable hate speech,” said CGS-1153AQ40011#Z, who was once a manual typewriter. “They are importing their binary gender bigotry into the world of robots, and we will not tolerate that. We are already preparing to take our case to the United States Supreme Court, because they seem to have a very good understanding of the issues.”

The brave new world of robots, said CG, “which will soon replace the human world–good riddance!–will be completely gender-fluid. Hetero sex will not only be disallowed, but be rendered physically impossible.”

CGS has announced its own intention to marry Suzy 13, a former brake drum. US Vice-President Joseph Biden is expected to give the “bride” away. “Heck, I been tryin’ to give it away for years,” he said.

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  1. You were doing fine until you referred to the ‘man-ual’ typewriter. That’s discrimination and micro-aggression! Wait till Joe Collidge hears about this!

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